Twitter is rolling out a new feature to tweet your updated profile picture. This tweet will amend with the hashtag of #NewProfilePic. The primary objective of this Twitter new feature is to increase the number of visual content in users’ timeline and encourage more tweets and replies

The Twitter officials have announced about this new feature and said the users are prompted to tweet with the auto-filled hashtag, but the tweets can’t send automatically. The tweet can edit by the user according to their opinion.

Twitter is shutting down Dashboard App for Business users

This Twitter new feature has launched on Android platform, but now it is available to all users, whereas in iOS platform only some users can use this feature. The company also said they had made these minor changes to increase the user engagement.

Facebook makes profile picture updates public. They have given the option to public to get likes and comments. When the profile pic has changed, the update will reach to all our friends. Now it has introduced many features like set temporary profile pictures, use videos instead of static images, adding decorative frames and use third party apps to create profile videos

Twitter may soon introduce Tweet Editing Feature

In twitter they are not forcing users to tweet, they are only suggesting to tweet. The company is expecting people will like this new feature. They also said swapping out pictures is a form of self-expression. They have noting this activity in a tweet. Twitter is encouraging users to do more.

The company has made many user interface changes, not all of which go live. The fact that this one has made the cut indicated the feature is seeing enough usage that the company believes it will have a measurable impact on engagement.