ISIS and Trump

The ISIS group fighters are keen for Donald Trump to achieve the crown of the White House so that they can use his rhetoric eager against the Muslims. According to the Twitter user comments, it is clear that the ISIS team firmly believe that the Trump white house will help them in their mission.

Trump has vowed to Stop Muslims from entering the United States as a way to stop the attacks from ISIS. He also said that he would take out the families of ISIS fighters and bomb “the shit” out of Syria. Trump blamed Barack Obama and his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton for creating the group based in Syria and Iraq. In a counter-terrorism speech in August, he stated that “We cannot let this evil continue.”

ISIS wants Trump

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In a recent interview through the messaging app of 12 ISIS recruiters, one of them said that he would help them to start a war between Iran and the West. They also claimed that there would be a final face-off between the Iran and the West near the city Dabiq, in South Syria. It is also reported that this war may lead to the worldwide Islam caliphate.

One of the ISIS members said: “I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.”Another quoted “The ‘facilitation’ of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any cost!” One ex-fighter said Trump “talks like a crazy person — not just about Muslims but about U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia.”

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Clinton, who has served as secretary state under Obama’s presidency has also vowed to take on ISIS but she parallelly encouraged the Americans to avoid the offensive rhetoric when discussing on Muslims and terrorism. Hence she is not considered as an effective or recruiting tool like Trump.An ex- fighter, Adel said: “She never says anything bad about Muslims.”


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