Astonishing Studio has created the LEGO Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza Machine. This channel is mainly working on designing and building the draft with the LEGOs and publishes on the YouTube channel. After receiving the several requesting comments to create the Pizza machine, the team decided and started creating the miniature and named it as “The Flavor of Now” with the LEGOs.

The team has developed the machine which is perfect for the personal pan pizzas and this Pizza vending machine accepts the five dollars and 71 cents change which match with the real price. This channel always strives to create the innovative machines and keep challenging themselves with the ambitious and unique ideas. So be ready to get flabbergasted from the Astonishing Studio.

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Astonishing Studio is the mainly YouTube-based channel which creates the fresh and unique designs with the LEGOs.  Each week this team drafts creates and construct the film and even edit the new creations for their YouTube user’s enjoyment. And also they release the video instructions occasionally through the BrickUltra. This team is proving that the LEGOs are not meant limited to the official sets.

This Pan Pizza vending machine does not make the pizzas, it just dispenses. It just creates the dining experience which is included with the fun. This mini pizza vending machine is entirely made out of the LEGO blocks. The machine included with the currency slots and a change dispenser. When the customer put the $5 in the machine, then this machine pops out the hot personal pan pizza with the pizza hut cardboard box.

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The interested and enthusiasts can purchase the Lego bricks from the online retail store The Lego kits are available in three sizes Large Medium and small. Rather than waiting, buy the LEGOs and start building the own machines and other miniatures.