Google Keyboard turns to be the Best Keyboard on Android

Google has released the recent update for the Google Keyboard 5.1 which is turning up to be the best keyboard for all the time in Android. There are many third party themes and layouts for the keyboards that can be installed on the Android smartphones. The users can even customise the keyboard layouts as per their requirement.

Now Google is providing their own in the recent update of the Google Keyboard. A lot of significant improvements has made in this update. The reviews are coming in positive all the way. Google made the things even better in this release of the Google Keyboard 5.1.

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In this update Google added the features like customizing with keyboard layouts with the coloured themes, insert the background images to the keyboard layout. Earlier this update is found in the developer preview of the Android N (Android Nougat).

google keyboard theme

To enable and use these Google Keyboard features follow these below steps:

First Go to Settings then Language & input. Select the Google Keyboard for the further options. Choose the theme option and click on Set Keyboard Theme.

Settings > Language & input > Google Keyboard > Theme > Set Keyboard Theme

Now enable the Key Border option and now you can change the coloured themes, and even you can add the images to the keyboard layout with the simple steps from the gallery.

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Key Features in this update.

  • The users can change and customize the Keyboard layout.
  • To move the cursor, just slide your finger across the space bar.
  • You can slide left to remove key to gesture the delete words.
  • One handed mode for large screens
  • With the simple long press, you can remove the learned or the dictionary words.

Download the Google Keyboard from Google Play Store 


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