Jaguar Land Rover which is owned by Tata Motors has launched their latest Jaguar XF in India. The price of the car is started and ranging between Rs 49.50-62.10 lakh.

As per the statement released by the company, by the end of this month, the deliveries of this new XF car begins. This is the first JLR model which is the basic model with the new powertrain. The President of JLR, Rohit Suri says that all new 2 liters XF will be available in the five variants, during the launch.

The Model ‘Pure’ which is the base model available at the price of Rs 49.50 lakh and the next model ‘Prestige’ at Rs 55.90 lakh. The final model named the ‘Portfolio’ comes at Rs 62.10 lakh.

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The Base model with the 2 liters Petrol ‘Prestige’ starting at the price of Rs 55.65 lakh and the model ‘Portfolio’ is available at the price Rs 61.85 lakh.

Here are the details of the Cars and the prices:

  1. The base diesel model XF ‘Pure’ :    Rs 49.50 lakh
  2. The XF ‘Prestige’ Model :    Rs 55.90 lakh
  3. The XF ‘Portfolio’ Model :    Rs 62.10 lakh

2-Litre Petrol Variant Models

  1. The XF ‘Prestige’ Model :    Rs 55.65 lakh
  2. The XF ‘Portfolio’ Model :    Rs 61.85 lakh

The Diesel version of the Jaguar XF comes with the latest Ingenium 2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine which is capable of delivering a power output of 132 Kw. This new JLR’s car is the advanced breed of engines designed for the effortless performance, efficiency and the refinement.

The aluminum construction and the advanced technology is the Ingenium diesel engine which is 20 KGs lighter than the model which is earlier. This delivers the impressive fuel and economy and reduces the emission of CO2.

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The other variant called the Petrol Version in the XF series is having the Cylinder engine comes with 177 Kw of the power and the responsiveness throughout the REV range. In fact, this offers the ‘6-Cylinder’ Performance; this improves the performance & efficiency.

The other variants in the Jaguar in this country include F-Type series which starts from Rs 125 lakh in CBU form. This is locally manufactured XJ starting at Rs 99.99 lakh, and the locally-made XE is starting from Rs 39.90 lakh.

You can find all these models at the company’s showrooms and 23 dealers which were available in the 22 cities across the country.