Land Rover smartphone

British automotive Jaguar Land Rover, a Tata Motors subsidiary is now all set to launch its first smartphone and accessories in collaboration with Bullitt Group by early 2017. The Automotive giant Land Rover teamed up with the Bullitt Group, a consumer Electronics company to develop bespoke smartphone and range of accessories. Its main focus is to expand its presence in the smartphone market.

Lindsay Weaver, the Director of Licencing and branded goods at jaguar Land Rover recently in a statement said, “Incorporating iconic Land Rover design and innovative technology into the mobile phone sector with Bullitt Group presents an exciting challenge and fantastic opportunity to take the brand into a new dimension.”


“An engineering and design team from Jaguar Land Rover special operations will be assigned to the partnership and subsequently deliver a number of bespoke applications tailored to Land Rover brand and product values,” Lindsay Weaver added.

As the brand is known for its tough and durable vehicles one can expect the same features from the branded smartphones. According to the company , the portfolio will launch early to the year 2017 by increasing core values of the brand , by providing innovative capabilities and technology.

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However, Land Rover itself is not going to assemble the actual smartphone. The features of the lined-up smartphone are not clear yet. But it is expected that the device will be running on a version of Google’s Android operating system. So, the Land Rover will be the branding part for the Bullitt Group manufactured smartphone.

“With a combination of durability and elegance, the new range will be designed to be an active lifestyle partner, aimed at people who like to take on new challenges and go ‘above and beyond’ the ordinary,” said a statement.

Peter Stephens, CEO of Bullitt Group said that the Jaguar has earlier made an attempt to introduce smartphone in association with Sonim, a well-known company which manufacturers solid phones which are usually used in Military and other high standard professions.

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 “We are confident the new range of products will perfectly encapsulate everything that Land Rover represents, appealing to those who already love the brand and providing an introduction to those who are yet to discover it,” Stephens added.

Bullitt Group has earlier build ragged custom-devices for companies like Caterpillar, JCB and Ministry of Sound.


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