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Google keeps on tweaking and testing its new features and products. Google users never thought that Google search results could seem so difficult. Google tested the new way to deliver the search results; the search results turns into black colour instead of the recognisable blue. The testing was performed on Sunday and the results look terrible. The changes provoked the ire of the Google users. Peeved users raised their dissatisfaction on the Twitter.


The users felt entirely uncomfortable with the change and more over the users got confused with the black links. With the black links, the users are unable to identify the unclicked links on the search results. But with the blue links they can easily navigate to the desired links. These changes were happened in the Google Chrome browser, but while testing in the Firefox browser the things are unchanged.

With these changes in the interface, tweets are flooding with the #BringBacktheBlue hashtags on the Twitter.  Usually, Google frequently makes the little changes and that too for some bunch of the user. But now Google has to decide with the response of the users and impact created by them with these changes. Google has to think about it again to roll out this update or not.

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After all, these review its better not to release this update in future. Since Google already received criticism on the internet regarding this update. Google has to review and opt for the feedback and come up with the action plan according to it.

Check few tweets which had the Google search results change: