Smartphone Lead Company Apple is planning to make the changes in the iPhone’s look later this year. Apple is going to switch from the non-aluminum casing to glass design. These design changes will effect for the most of the models going to release in starting of 2017. If this update is accurate and we can expect the variations in the next iPhone 7 which is going to launch in this September.

Apple iPhone 7S the assumed name for the next Apple iPhone can get the glass design, and this may be similar to the old model iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. These models were released in the year 2010 and after this Apple switched to aluminum casing style and continued with that trend. Now Apple wants to enhance their competitiveness and their action of progress by changing the primary design in their models.

Apple Making $40M Worth of Gold From Waste

Do you know if Apple supposed to continue with the same aluminum design still for their next iPhone 7, then Apple had followed the same pattern of design aluminum casing for last five years. Already Apple users are habituated to the aluminum casing style and looking for the new refreshing look. Let us hope Apple will consider this and transfigure new design from coming years.

Kuo also reported that some of the financiers were concerned about the glass casing because this might get too heavy and also lead to fail in the drop test. Anyhow, this is not going to be doubtful for Apple for the return of glass casing, because of switching to the OLED displays in 2017. Kuo also added that Apple will adopt AMOLED display for iPhone next year, when it introduce an all-new factor made mostly out of glass.

Is Apple Going To Reunite With Old Friend Samsung?

“At least Apple is going to release one 5.8 inch iPhone model with the curved glass casing,” said by Ming-Chi Kuo. The different sources mentioning about the Apple’s OLED display based iPhones in 2017 and signed the deal with Samsung regarding the supply of the units. Apart from the Samsung, Apple also looking to make the deal with the other OLED display manufacturers like LG Display, AU Optronics, Japan Display, Foxconn-Owned Sharp, and others.


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