Bank of England has admitted that their new plastic banknotes are prone to sticking together which means that the shoppers may met with a risk of handing over two at once.

The reason for sticking of notes is the fresh polymer coating on it. It can lead to people paying accidentally twice when clearing the cash bills.

The new £5 note will be the first plastic Note to be circulated, and it will be featuring United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill on it. The Plastic note was showed off on Thursday, which was scheduled to launch in September.

The presently used paper £5 notes will be withdrawn formally in before the release of the new polymer £10 and £20 notes in 2017.

According to the public opinion introducing the plastic currency is not a good idea. Since many of today’s transactions are being done using digital cash and in the form credit/debit cards. So it is a waste of time and inevitably cause inconvenience to the people.

Experts also warned that plastic notes would create some problem with the senior citizens since they may not notice the sticking nature of the notes.

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On the other hand, the officials of the Bank of England arguing that the new plastic notes will be rigid, sturdy and can sustain for a longer period than the paper based ones and they are more secured than the former ones since duplication can’t be done easily.

The Bank also stated in an official Q&A that   “No banknote is counterfeit proof. The question is how difficult it is to counterfeit actually. “

“The techniques required to produce high-quality counterfeit polymer notes are slow, expensive and require a high level of effort and technical expertise.

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They also stated that the problem of sticking together would exist only for a short span of time and would be eradicated once they get older by usage.

According to the announcement the new plastic notes of £10 and £20 would feature novelist Jane Austen and artist JMW Turner on them. With the release of these plastic notes, Britain would be entering into the list of countries that are already using the plastic notes.


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