Comcast services without set-top box

Federal Communications Commission’s set-top box proposal was fired back by Comcast Corp. by making Xfinity service without a set-top box. FCC proposed plan was to allow third parties to sell alternatives to TV providers’ set-top boxes. The company launched a program on Wednesday to partner all possible retail device manufacturers for its customers to access cable TV service with new Comcast program.

Comcast Cable under the Xfinity brand provides High-speed internet, largest videos and phone services to the residential customers and businesses. It is one among the most popular advanced networks in nation which provides fastest broadband speeds,  and brings customers personalized video, communications and home management offerings.

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“We remain committed to giving our customers more choice in how, when and where they access their subscription,” said Mark Hess, senior vice president in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at Comcast Cable.

 Now, it has not yet declared the availability of apps. Only in places where Comcast provides cable service could get it and people need not get Comcast internet too. Comcast is been into the Cable TV service without a set-top box for phones, computers and tablets. The service is named as Stream which is for now available in and around Boston and Chicago.

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The Comcast will first bring its Xfinity app to smart Samsung TVs and Roku devices, and will offer access to TV guide, live and on demand programming, and DVR recordings stored in the cloud. Few benefits perks like voice-enabled searching with remote, which come with Comcast’s proprietary X1 box, are not available through third-party device makers. The Streaming-TV gadget Roku hardly occupies place of a cable box. ”Samsung is excited to collaborate with Comcast in new and innovative ways to deliver content into the homes of our customers,” said Won Jin Lee, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics. Comcast explains that the service is built with HTML5 and it is willing to adapt it for other devices which don’t support that standard.

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“In light of the success of the apps-based model in the marketplace, the far-reaching government technical mandate being currently proposed by the FCC is unnecessary,” Mark Hess wrote in a blog post. He added that the Comcast apps have been downloaded 23 million times to a variety of retail devices.

“If the FCC’s set-top box proceeding is truly just about freeing consumers from monthly box fees, today’s announcement underscores how absurd the arguments for government intervention are,” said the Future of TV Coalition, which was launched by cable and other ISPs to fight the set-top proposal.


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