, Inc. offers new standalone video streaming for TV shows and movie collection called Prime Video service for $8.99 per month. So, customers who do not look for the free shipping of products, music streaming and other features can go with the monthly subscription of Amazon Prime video service. This new service offered from Sunday night, 17th April is to compete with the Netflix which recently raised its service prices from $8.99 to $ 9.99 for new users.

The Online retail giant, Amazon now offers full Prime bundle which includes Prime video for just $10.99 per month with an option of cancelling any time for all its US customers. Amazon started its monthly prime subscriptions in partnership with Sprint last month. So, Sprint customers are able to add Prime bundle to their wireless bill.

Beside the Stand-alone prime video streaming service monthly subscription, the interesting update is that the giant retailer Amazon has signed up deal with HBO’s older content, premium TV network Epix, whose catalog includes “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “World War Z.” Amazon has now become aggressive buyer of independent movies over Netflix by signing Woody Allen for an exclusive TV Serial.

Amazon’s New Video Direct Service Challenges YouTube

Amazon was offering prime video service at £5.99 per month (£71.88 a year) in UK, but now it brings more visibility. Prime full bundle has no monthly subscription option in UK which annually costs £79. Germany, Japan and two other countries can now avail monthly subscription of Prime which was available till date as a part of the full Prime bundle.

Thus, the Amazon’s monthly subscription option will attract the customers who do not wish to shell out money or members who doesn’t want to commit to the annual membership. Well, the $99 annual subscription is much better deal which is still available. Customers who can make payment in one chunk can go with the annual subscription as full Prime monthly subscription will charge an extra of $32 over annual subscription and the Prime Video streaming at $8.99 per month would charge $107.88 annually. Offering full prime service for just a little bit high for each month is a marketing gain to the gaint.

YouTube Unplugged to launch in 2017 as a Streaming cable TV service

The service is also available on Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, The web and select TV and Blu-ray players from LGF, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. Amazon videos for IOS are free on the App store, accessible by Amazon prime members.


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