An update has rolled out for Google’s I/O app for this year terming as Google I/O 2016.The app acts as a co-pilot &  guide to Google’s I/O Event, an annual conference held by Google in California.

The Conference features highly technical, and in-depth sessions focused on building the web, enterprise, and mobile applications with Google and other open web technologies like Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more

It would navigate the user to the meetings or conferences of their interest. This app avails user with detailed and accurate information of the whole event. The embedded tools allow users to manage their time in prior in an efficient manner. The app assists the user to attend the event either physically or digitally.

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In case, if any aspirant can’t attend the event, this app can also stream keynotes and live sessions. It also had the option to revisit the previously finished sessions and conversations related to the event with the public can also be done.

The mobile application is updated every year with refreshed schedules, venues and topics of the Event. The series of events was first started on may in the year 2008 and. The I and O refer to “Innovation in the Open” which means new inventions for future with open discussions.

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Attending the official event conducted by Google is a dream come true for most of the aspirant developers. The meeting would be attended by CEO’s of top most business companies, innovative people, aspirant entrepreneurs and students. This year the Event is going to be held at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California.

Some of the sections on which keynotes and sessions would be conducted in this year’s Event are Advertisements, Android, Design, Firebase, Miscellaneous, Mobile, The Web, Google Play, Search, and Virtual Reality (VR).

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So Aspirants who want to attend the conference just download the app from the play store and plan your schedule now.


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