Time for self-development with Google Calendar’s new ‘Goal’

Google, the tech giant, updates Google Calendar with a new service called GOALS. The added feature helps the users to achieve their goals with time to time reminders through notifications.

Everyone would set some goals in their life wishing to reach new standards. But only a few working on them regularly would be successful.

Then what about the rest, who often forgets, delays and hides behind the excuses intentionally or unintentionally. Google make a way to assist those people with its new update for Calendar application. It would appear on both Android & IOS devices on the floating button at the bottom of the calendar app.

The company rolled out an update termed Goals, which acts a virtual personal assistant who keeps on reminds you about the task to be done. You should just set up what you need to do, the frequency of doing it, duration of the work, preferred time. It searches the whole calendar for the leisure time to fill.

In a case of any conflict with existing event, it would reschedule itself or skip it automatically. The new service includes pre-set options like ‘Build a skill’ and ‘ me time’ to get used to it.

Events like learning a new language or dance, going to a gym or any practice sessions. The Virtual life coach works on the concepts of artificial intelligence using machine language software.

It reduces the wastage and enables proper utilization of one’s time. Using it in a positive way, it would surely help people to accomplish their targets quickly. Depending on the usage of the mobile application it would get better and better, by knowing the individual’s daily routine.

It’s rare to see machine learning integrated into a calendar app, unlike the other calendars it intelligently sets aside time for personal development on your place.


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