Today, it’s been a shocking for me that the World is evolving quickly.

The Periscopes’ latest update is coming soon on Broadcast search, a new perspective with Drones, and a concept hill climbing to save your broadcast.

Today, I will make you aware about the Periscope. Just a year ago, Periscope came up with an idea of Discovering the World through someone eyes. What happens if you could see through the eyes of a stranger like me sitting in U.S. and watching the Ukraine? Probably, it sounds crazy, but the people of Periscope want to build the closest thing to teleportation.

Now, the latest update for Periscope in on the track very soon with Broadcast Search, Drones Integration and save you Live streaming video or Broadcast Video, which become a reality.

In the forthcoming weeks, periscope team is about to launch broadcast search and drone integration to help people from different communities of what they care thereby. Also, the team wants to share a preview of beyond 24 hours approach that will be available in the coming weeks.

Advancement to Standing Hoverboard turns to Sitting HoverCart

Broadcast Search

The implementation to Broadcast is that you can search by topic or title. You will see a list of items suggested which includes #travel, #Music, #Food and more when you tap on the search button on the global list.

Also, the periscope testing two topics that you can search for: “First Scope” and “GoPro Drones.”

Drone Integration

To broadcast through supported drone, you need to connect your iPhone to your drone’s remote. It will automatically draw in your drone’s video feed. You can narrate from a birds’ view during the broadcast.

GoPro launching Omni VR Camera; Gen-Next live streaming Tools

Save your Broadcast

Earlier this week, the periscope team introduced a public beta to add #save to transmit to keep them beyond 24 hours. You will get full authorized control on your broadcasts which will save on Periscope and Twitter with comments. And also, can delete the protected broadcast at any time in the configure account settings.

We hope these updates should come soon, and we experience the world with someone else EYES.

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