Trust API

Passwords are the necessary strings of security for accessing a device or application. They are the digital version of keys for getting into anything. At times, they can’t be remembered which can result in loss of valuable time to reset them. Some solutions such as password managers, facial recognition were introduced as a solution but they also had their limitations.

Working on a final solution to this problem Google is planning to introduce a new technology as a substitute for the existing traditional Passwords. According to the reports, they are aiming to bring this technology at least to the Android devices by next year.

The advanced technology is called “Trust API” which is safer than the password system. This new technology would unlock devices basing on a cumulative trust score.

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The multiple sensors present inside the device will be calculating the score depending on the factors like typing speed, vocal inflexions, facial recognition, location patterns and proximity to familiar Wi-Fi hotspots & Bluetooth devices.

All these factors are taken from sensors into account by the smart device and calculation is done. Depending on the score it would be confirming the owner can eventually unlock it, if not it would display an error message. It would track user’s screen swiping style as a metric for identifying the owner of the device.

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It is reported that these factors would be running continuously in the background of the smartphone. Although many of the leading smartphones are providing smart locks such as facial, voice recognition and finger scan which were also proved to be quite useful.

The new method of unlocking is far easier, accurate and it is very much reliable and safer than the existing ones.

At Google’s I/O Conference Daniel Kaufman, Director of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team, Stated that the project is in the development stage and will be in testing with large financial institutions in the coming month.

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He added that “Assuming it goes well; this should become available to every Android developer around the world by the end of the year.”


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