Do you forget the keys where you left and searched whenever you need? Then EvoTag will certainly help you in not getting late again. All you have to do is just put the EvoTag to your key chain and leave anywhere. To find your key chain again, use the EvoTag App. With one click on the keychain link, you can able to see, how far the key chain is located. You can also ring the EvoTag by clicking on the App. EvoTag starts beeping until you reach the item. This is awesome, and you can find your key chain very easily and in time. There will be no tension, and all the work can be done in time. In this way, you can use the EvoTag for the items you want to locate in the house or your bag. This EvoTag is developed by the Gurgaon company Evoxyz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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EvoTag can be utilized for various purposes like finding the keychain, securing your home, ensure your child to be in your range, control your phone, luggage bags, etc. EvoTag application is available at the Google Android Play Store for the Android users and on the Apple iOS Appstore for iOS users. iOS app will be in store very soon. EvoTag is the innovations for the daily life, and it helps you when you need it most.

How EvoTag helps you?

Place the EvoTag in the small things which you frequently forget to find. Use the EvoTag to ensure your child stays in the range of the parent. Have you ever worried about your kid moving away when you leave to the park, mall or any other play area? Now you can remove those concerns with the use of EvoTag. Use the EvoTag as the badge to your child; then you will get a notification on your smartphone very quickly. With the alert, you can get find your child soon and avoid facing any consequences.

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Are you worrying about the security at home? Or nervous about unwanted guests entering into your home. Just stick the EvoTag to your home door and EvoTag will act as a security guard. If there is any movement in the door, EvoTag will alert you soon. Just one EvoTag is enough, and you don’t need to use the wires and cables or any other expensive equipment is needed.

You can be very smart and do interesting things with the EvoTag while you are waiting near the conveyor belt for arriving of your luggage. Place the EvoTag in your bag and you will be notified when your luggage bag comes near to your range.

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You can buy the EvoTag, available on the online stores like Snapdeal and Amazon India with just Rs. 1,399.


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