Now you can simply answer your calls by just tilting your wrist and respond to the call by blowing on it. We have to thank the scientists for greatest invention of Smartwatch with various options. This specially created with many new ways to interact with a small screen that hard to control with fingers.

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States designed Whoosh. It is a technique that allows the user to control the Smartwatch just by sipping, blowing, shushing, exhaling and puffing on the screen.

The Smartwatch embedded with machine learning technique and uses a microphone to identify the breath. It then assigns the necessary action to perform. For example, if a user wants to keep the watch in silent to ignore the call, they can blow on it twice to accept.

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In terms of security, the users can also lock or unlock the Smartwatch using a right combination of long or short breaths or passwords. Sometimes voice recognition produces incorrect words when dictating the messages.

This technique also works even with smartphones. A user can transfer the information from Smartwatch to the smartphone just by sipping it on the watch and puffing it on the smartphone. Researchers announced that this technology mainly used for the people with disabilities.

“Other techniques that improve control of Smartwatches have included 3D gestures above the screen, bigger screens or adding an extra armband. We wanted to show it could be done with existing technology already common on today’s devices,” said Cheng Zhang, a PhD student at Georgia Tech.

Another new interaction technique that equipped in this Smartwatch is a WatchOut option. It can use as to tap and scroll the gestures on the case and the watch band outside of the watch screen. This is possible because of the watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

According to the researchers, through this Smartwatch it makes easier to interact with GPS maps or menus. They also created eight touchpoints on the watch bezel. Apart from scrolling through the list of apps, users can simply tap on one of the eight spots to launch the app.

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Users can answer the call by hitting on the right side and the left side to ignore the call. TapSkin feature allows the people to input the numbers 0 to 9 or commands by tapping on the back of their hand. It uses watch microphone and inertial sensors to detect various 11 locations on user’s skin around the watch.


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