Facebook Inc is planning to create an app for the Television Set Top Boxes. The world biggest online social network is also in discussions with the media companies for the long licence form and TV-Quality programming.

According to the reports of Wall Street Journal, the social media giant is also asking the publishers to create exclusive TV shows for it. The newly introducing Facebook App would be available for the boxes including Apple Inc’s Apple TV.

The Facebook App for Television Set Top Boxes would bring the company closer to the video advertisements and live video. The planned app reportedly be the all-video and could see the Facebook multiple 30-second ads into the content. By getting the advertisers to buy more video ads is a key factor for the company’s revenue growth.

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Moreover, such apps fetch higher rates from the advertisers than the test or photo-based ads. Nowadays, the live video streaming also becomes the highly competitive features among the social platforms. The companies are also competing to stream the major sports events and exclusive videos of high-profile events such as Oscars and Grammy awards.

Videos on Facebook consists mostly short clips and live video streams. Meanwhile, the cable bundle was gradually decreasing nowadays as the tech companies creating to TV programmes for advertising to their platforms.

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Google (YouTube), Snapchat (Discover) and Twitter (Live Shows) are implementing this type of process. In the month of April, the Facebook expanded its live video option, Facebook Live. It rolls out the features to make it easier for the users to search and make a comment in real time. Now they announced about creating the App for Television Set Top Boxes to build a more stable business.