Central Government of India has launched TV channel named as ‘DigiShala’ to promote cashless economy and educate people especially farmers, students, Dalit people and women in rural areas. The main aim of introducing this channel is to motivate people on using digital transactions rather than using liquid cash.

In a move to digitally, it allows millions of Indians in rural areas and educate them about how to do cashless transactions, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on Friday launched DigiShala channel.

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DigiShala is a free to air channel which broadcasts nationally on DD free-DTH service with a potential viewership of two crores across the country. To attain the objective of educating, enabling and informing citizens about the cashless economy, the Government has also begun ‘Digi Dhan Abhijan’.

DigiShala channel will allow and empower every citizen of the country, mainly to target farmers, students, and women in rural areas to know the importance of digital payment in our everyday life. While launching the TV channel, Prasad said that as Digital Payment increases, the tax base of the nation will also increase.

On DigiShala TV Channel, citizens will know more useful techniques and educated people by showing various digital payment options through step by step demos of digital payments using UPI, USSD, Aadhar-enabled payment systems, e-wallets, and cards. Due to demonetization, Government aims to boost digital payments through credit and debit cards, internet banking, e-wallets and mobile apps.

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Recently, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi recently urged people of the nation through a tweet that to “embrace e-banking, mobile banking, and more such technology.”  The central Government through NABARD will also support ‘Rural Regional Banks’ and ‘Cooperative Banks’ to issue “Rupay Kisan Cards’ to 4.32 crore ‘Kisan Credit Card’ holders to enable them to make digital payments at POS machines, micro ATMS and ATMS.