Credit cards protection

Scientists are busy for getting new technologies and looking for better ways to defend credit cards and mobile transactions from hacking. The new technologies focus on securing the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology used in passports, credit cards and online transactions.

The technology, which allows fast, automated identification of physical objects, is also an essential for many industries, factories and warehouses use it to track inventory and manage supply chains pharmaceutical companies deploy it to truck drugs, and courier service uses it to tag deliveries.

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Li Yingjiu, associate professor at the Singapore Management University (SMU), said, “A security crack in RFID applications would leak valuable information about physical objects to unauthorised parties.” Since RFID tags work by spreading information to electronic RFID readers, security breaks can occur if hackers eavesdrop on this conversation, and manage to gain access to or tamper with information.

However, to protect communications between tags and readers, scientists are designing and testing new RFID protocols with enriched security features. These techniques include making the protocol’s output volatile, making two tags fuzzy to the hacker, and stopping hackers from finding useful information.

In addition, there are many examples where sharing of RFID information between suppliers and retailers, for example, or between several components of an internet of things would have obvious benefits.

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Moreover, without proper security controls, many companies would be unwilling to make valuable data readily available. To point out this situation, researchers are also scheming improved access control mechanisms that protect RFID information when it is shared on the internet.

For every day functions like banking transactions, card transactions and other payments smartphones are suing vastly, and the security is very important in that area.


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