The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Tuesday announced Suresh Kalmadi who is scam accused one of Common Wealth Games (CWG) and Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) leader Abhay Chautala as the life presidents of the IOA. After listening to this, Government has shocked and saying that the appointment of these candidates was totally unacceptable because both were facing criticism over corruption and also had criminal charges on them.

Speaking at a press conference, Union Minister Vijay Goel said, “We are shocked after hearing the instructions passed by the IOA to appoint Suresh Kalmadi and Abhay Chautala as life presidents. The appointment of scam accused people for the prestigious sports wing is not a fair thing, and the both were previously faced criticism over crime and corruption.”

He also said, “The IOA was suspended by IOC when Abhay Chautala and LalitBhanot were elected as office bearers of Indian Olympic Association. Then later the suspension was lifted only when both were removed from the management.”

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The Sports minister then claimed that the sports Governance is a public function and public law should govern it. We are trying to find the details, and on receipt of a complete report, we will take the review upon this and take necessary steps. Our Government is always looking for providing good governance in sports.

According to the latest reports, the decision to employ Chautala and Suresh Kalmadi as life presidents of IOA was undisputed. Perseverance was moved by Joint Secretary Rakesh Gupta and a total of 150 people, who were a part of the meeting in Chennai, agreed to this.

The closed sources of IOA said that the decision was taken as part of convention where all ex-presidents are made life presidents. Earlier Suresh Kalmadi worked as IOA president from 1996 to 2011 and later he was jailed for ten months founding scandal and corruption in 2010 Delhi Common Wealth Games. He was out on bail later.

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On the flip side, Chautala was earlier this month appointed as the chief of the Haryana Olympic Association (HOA) by the IOA. Abhay Chautala was also worked as the president of IOA from December 2012 to February 2014 when the IOA was suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for picking up charge-sheeted candidates at the elections. The IOC annulled his election as IOA chief,

Only after the IOA constitution was altered to ensure that charge sheet framed candidates are not allowed to participate in elections, the IOC withdrew the suspension on IOA in 2014 February.


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