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After Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Washing Machines are in the News for its Explosion

Samsung Washing Machines are in the News for its Explosion

Before forgetting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now Samsung Washing Machines are in the news for its explosion. It seems like, for Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 might be the device which has not only degrade the Korean maker but make a lot of issues for the company. Now, keeping this aside, another product from Samsung was in the news for explosion problems.

Samsung Electronics officials in the United States Yesterday announced a remembrance of about 2.8 million washing machines, due to the risk of a blast. The latest issue is another depression in the Company’s status. Reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we heard that during the use of Washing Machine, top of the machine would separate and of course it is a significant risk for customer safety.

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According to the latest reports, Samsung has received more than 700 complaints including nine injuries due to a broken jaw. Keeping this in mind, Samsung Electronics is recollecting 34 top models which had sold since 2011. The recalling program is giving offers to consumers that include support for the washers’ top. Customers those who choose this option will receive a free one-year warranty extension.

The second choice is about the discount. If you buy a new machine from Samsung or any other brand, you will get a discount along with the free installation of the new unit. However, the discount is based on the manufacturing date and washing machine model. The Korean electronics company is also giving a further $150 reliability inducement to those consumers who pick a Samsung device.

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Responding to this issue, Samsung Electronics America senior vice president and general manager, John Herrington said: “The primary intention behind this recall program is to reduce safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices.” This problem is only for North America and products outside this region are not affected.

Probably it‘s not a good sign for Samsung for its back to back failures like Note 7 and washing machines. Now Samsung Washing Machines Explode is a new headache to the company. Let’s wait and see how the leading electronics company will overcome this issue.

Samsung Offers $100 Credit to Swap Note 7 with Other Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It’s time to say goodbye to Galaxy Note 7 smartphones for the US customers. The Samsung Company has announced to stop the production of the phone. And asking all the retailers to stop selling and exchanging of troubled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobiles.

Moreover of stopping sales and production, Samsung is asking all the users to return their Galaxy Note 7 at the point of they purchased immediately. Yes, you heard it right!!! Even if you Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone which is considered by the company you still have to return the device.

After Note 7, Samsung Washing Machines are Gone Under Explosion

 So consumers who have Galaxy Note 7 mobile they can exchange their smartphone with any other Samsung Smartphone or you can receive a refund under the terms and conditions of the US Note 7 Refund and Exchange program.

The Samsung US President and COO, Tim Baxter said, “We appreciate the patience of our consumers, carrier and retail partners for carrying the burden during these challenging times. We commit to doing everything we can to make this right.”

The terms and conditions of the US Note 7 Refund and Exchange program. You can also find the following choices and can take these steps which are going to begin from 13th October at 3 PM ET.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes while Charging and Damages Macbook

You can exchange your present Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone with any Samsung smartphones and the replacement of specific Note 7 accessories with a refund of a price difference between the devices.

Consumers can obtain the refund where they purchased the device.

  • The eligible additional incentives.
  • If you want to exchange the present Note 7 with other Samsung Smartphone.
  • The company is offering up to $100 bill credit for the selected carrier or retail outlets, and less any incentives have already received.
  • If you have already exchanged Galaxy Note 7 with any other Samsung Smartphone.
  • In this case, you will receive up to $75 bill credit from the preferred carrier or retail outlets in addition to $25 you have previously received.
  • Refund for Galaxy Note 7.
  • If you choose this option, you will receive up to $25 bill credit.
  • If you want to exchange Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with another brand smartphone.
  • You would receive up to $25 bill credit from selected carrier or retail outlets. And or even less if you received any incentives credits already earned.
  • Consumers who have any queries they can contact to the Samsung official customer care. Contact phone number 1-844-365-6197, they will help you in detail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes while Charging and Damages Macbook

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

Samsung is performing well at replacing the explosive Galaxy Note 7 devices which are millions in number.  Galaxy Note 7 which was proved safe theoretically, burst into flames in China. The mobile was bought online over the weekend and unfortunately, the owner was injured in the accident.

As per reports, Hui Renjie, 25- year old techie purchased a Note 7 from an online retailer. The device was exploded on Monday morning and damaged his MacBook, and two of his fingers were also burnt.

A Samsung representative visited him soon after the incident and offered a new phone. However, the victim declined the offer claiming his distrust toward Samsung and publicized the issue.

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Hui says that he charged the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over the night and found the phone is emitting black smoke. While it was still connected to the charger, the phone busted into flames and caused damage to his MacBook as well.

Hui posted a video of the smoke emanating from the phone while still it is connected to the charger.

However, the authenticity of the video is yet to be confirmed, and Samsung is investing on the incident. The company has been blown after the launch of its Note 7 handsets are complaining about catching fire. Korean mobile giant claims that the faulty batteries as the reason behind the exploding.

Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Prompts New Lawsuit on Samsung

The company has recalled all the sold devices and is replacing with safer ones. The safe battery devices feature a black box symbol on the packaging and Green Box Symbol which confirms the safe replacements.

Reports say that devices in China are exempted in global recall program as the batteries supplied in China are from a different supplier. Sadly, four cases have been reported for battery fires since then. However, Samsung investigations offend itself by revealing the reason that fires caused is from an external heat source and not by the battery itself.

Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Prompts New Lawsuit on Samsung

Florida Man Sues of Burning Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s recall of nearly one million Note 7 Smartphones sold in the US burning up due to battery cell issue. A Florida man who got a burn after the device allegedly exploded in his right pocket.

Jonathan Strobel has sued the Samsung electronics for the incident in the latest case of overheating of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. It was filed one day after the Samsung recalls the one million Note 7 devices sold in the United States.

On Thursday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that the government had sanctioned a recall on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices due to a battery defect, cause several mobiles to explode and in some cases spark fires.

Samsung will Announce Unprecedented Recall of Galaxy Note 7 due to Exploding Batteries

The recall applies only to those who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices before 15th September 2016. According to the reports, Consumers are being told not to use the devices and return them to the stores they purchased.

For their choice of the refund, they can get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone with a different battery or another replacement device of a different model. The company said that the Note 7 devices with no defect in the batteries would be made available no later than Wednesday.

“With battery cell defects in some of our Note7 phones, we did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deserve,” Samsung Electronics America President and COO Tim Baxter said in a video statement after the government-sanctioned recall was announced. “We apologize, especially to those of you who were personally affected by this.”

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He also added that “Consumer safety is always our highest priority. Our collaboration with the CPSC to fast-track a voluntary recall in the U.S. addresses safety concerns by ensuring we reach Note7 owners quickly to exchange their devices.” The explosion of Galaxy Note 7 prompts new lawsuit to the Samsung Company.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Safety Recall and Exchange Program for US Consumers Who Purchased Before September 15, 2016

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Alarmed Galaxy Note7 Safety Recall Program

After a lot of Chaos in the US electronics gadget market, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issue has now rattled the sales of the product.

The company initiates Samsung Galaxy Note7 Safety Recall and exchange program to keep up its reputation. The recall scheme, eligible for devices that are purchased before 15 September 2016. In a statement issued by the Samsung Electronics, US, it has called for immediate exchange.

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) called for switching of the devices so that they can avoid the harm of explosion of the battery. Earlier, there was also a suggestion not to charge more than 60% of the battery.

The lithium-ion battery has somehow failed to deliver the expected performance and safety for the gadget owners. All the latest products that include Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7 has now covered under the announced Galaxy Note7 Safety Recall and exchange scheme.

Eligibility for Galaxy Note 7 Replacement


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a warning in this regard. Hence, the exchange becomes a top priority for the owners of Samsung Note 7. Latest reports suggest that nearly 92 complaints of overheating and 26 burns officially notified.

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A $25 gift card offered in-store credit, in-store accessory credit or bill credit from preferred carrier retail outlets. Galaxy Note 7, total of 55 property damage which includes fires in cars and garages incidents reported in the US.

However, the company will cross-check purchase date with the help of IMEI or a serial number on the device. The toll-free number is also available for consumers and who wish to know further details about the exchange program.

Various contact numbers are allotted for the customers who buy from multiple sources in the US.