The most awaiting series of Samsung is Galaxy Note 7, images are leaked over the internet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is on the way to surprise the Samsung audience with its new spellbound features. Overall its images are leaked which makes over buzz on the release date.

It is observed that the code name “Samsung” itself has a grace to its branding and also featuring with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). The leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, body looks similar to the S7 edge with very rounded edges and slight edge display which might have a standard 4GB RAM and 64 ROM.

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The colour variants black with gold bezel shown in the leaked images. Note 7 will come with water and dust resistance where you can use (Stylus) S-pen (which can translate words in other languages) under the water.

Alongside with this the rumours stating that Galaxy Note 7 is built in with Retina scanner, infrared lights shuts off after 7 seconds to protect eyes from harm. The battery for Samsung Note 7 is packed up with 3500 mhp (metal hybrid protection) with gorilla glass 4 and USB Type C.

Still the question remains that does it have Snapdragon 821 or 820 and does the international version have the Exynos 8890 or a newer one. Does it been confirmed with Gorilla glass 4 or 5? Also if it is 4GB RAM, as usual, it might be some disappointing.

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But rumours profoundly says that Note 7 will be the first phone they promote GG5 (Gorilla Glass 5). Off course, it might come in 5.7 inches like a lite mobile version that would edit and draw surprisingly easy.

So let us see what Samsung makes Note 7 more grandeur with more features, specs that are expected to launch in August month internationally.


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