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‘Namotel Acche Din’ World’s Cheapest Android Mobile for Just Rs.99/-

Do you know which is the Cheapest Smartphone is? If your answer is Freedom251, then you are wrong. Wondering Why?? Have a look at the new cheapest smartphone named ‘Namotel Acche Din’ only for Just Rs.99/-. Yes, you heard it right. A Promoter named Madhav Reddy has claimed that he is marketing the world’s cheapest smartphone ‘Namotel Acche Din‘ for just Rs 99.

He also said that the smartphone comes with a 4-inch display and 1GB RAM. It is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core processor and runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop version. The rear side would have a 2 MP camera whereas the front camera is of 0.3MP. The dual SIM phone supports 3G and has a 1325mAh battery.

The online registration for the smartphone would commence from May 17th to 25th May 2016. For registration you have to register with your details such as email and mobile number on bemybanker.com.

DOCOSS X1 Smart Phone Buy at Rs 888 via Online or Sms (Cash On Delivery)

After getting User ID and Password Logon to Bemybanker.com and Pay Rs.199/- for lifetime membership fee Using Payment Gateway. Enrol for the product from the website with the same ID and you will get a confirmation message. You have to Upload Passport Sized Photos and Aadhar Card details along with your address.

The official website of the smartphone Namotel.com, showing that the price has been thrashed from Rs 2,999 to Rs 99 plus nominal delivery charges and buyers can also choose the cash-on-delivery option.

Price of the phone doesn’t match the specifications but remember less priced products often long lasts for little time period. If you are in need go for them but don’t fall for the offers.

Reliance Jio 4G invite only LYF Smartphone with Unlimited Data

The message on the website says, “Joy and freedom represent the logo! The same joy will flourish in billion Indians In the form of smart Connect with (3 different looks and shapes) Android Smart powerful Phone at 99. We make this product to show love for India it is a ‘’MAKE IN INDIA’ Initiative. This model is limited and it is applicable only for India and who holds Aadhar Identity.”

The company has also added a special note on its website that, ‘Pictures shown on the website is for illustration purposes only’.

Currently the official website is down may be due to heavy traffic of visitors.

WhatsApp To Switch On Video Calling For Android beta Users And An Update Feature For Document Sharing

whatsapp video call

We have a broad range of apps for Video Calling. But very soon WhatsApp is going to compete with all above video calling applications such as Viber, Skype, etc.

WhatsApp plans to set out access to video calling function, but the App gives access to the beta version.

WhatsApp beta version v2.16.80 for Android devices is now available for download. As of now the app is just available to beta testers from Google play beta testing program.

WhatsApp comes closer to Video-call Update

After downloading the video call option, the beta users get a choice for voice and video call on clicking the calling button whereas the app greets with a message saying ‘couldn’t place call.’

The video calling feature is currently available on Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Hangouts, KakaoTalk and one of the best options for video calling “SKYPE.”

But the feature of video calling comparatively will be a revolutionary in many ways. Today WhatsApp claimed an end to end encryption and given with obsession for privacy. The same encryption privacy is provided to video calling feature. And also does WhatsApp supports in the group is another big question.

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App for Mac and Windows

Earlier, rumors spread on WhatsApp will work on a callback feature and voice mail support. WhatsApp clearly indicated that it wants more enterprises and business on board.

Also launches Document Sharing Feature

Document sharing feature added on May 13th let you send files and allowed to download the standalone app for both Mac and Windows. The Facebook-owned company allowed users to access the messaging app on their desktop, but now the standalone app lets users enjoy the platform on Windows or Mac, regardless of the browsers.

Google’s “Tap to Translate” Feature Works Inside Any App On Android

Google will come up with new Android One Smartphones devices in India: Mike Hayes

Godfather of search engine Google told ET that it will come up very soon with new Android ONE devices in India, says Mike Hayes Director, Business Developer, Android & Chrome partnership at Google.

This search giant’s Android ONE program in India gives more scope to local handset maker who come up with their specification and pricing.

Though the initial release of Android is somehow showing downfall result, now Mike Hayes says Android One will become a part of its hardware business whereas Motorola’s Rick Osterloh has joined Google.

Indian scientists refine seawater to drinkable water to overcome drought problem.

Google is likely to continue with original equipment makers (OEMs) and the devices, however, coming to market are entirely depends upon OEM and still have interest to work with Mike like the Android ONE.

The Android One mainly targets on low-end devices, provide more affordability. The ET person asked Google about the phase of one partnership with Karbonn, Spice, and Micromax. Even the Android one launched its second-generation Smartphone – LAVA Pixel V1, which results in criticism due to lack of features and specifications.

Google Patents a Cyborg Lens may be thinking about putting Android in your eyeball

There will be soon more Android One devices, says Mike. Firstly, we had put certain yardsticks to stand up the software OEMs that we launched, but since we had devices with the difference in display, size, and chipsets.

OEMs have freedom to choose and procure the components so that they decide on specification, pricing, and launch date. In such case, Google works on software elements bringing Android OS as a platform to OEMs devices.

Reliance Jio 4G invite only LYF Smartphone with Unlimited Data

Google to sign a partnership with an Indian telecom operator takes a longer time why? ET asked

Mike says we seek to work with as many as we can, so that it benefits both developers and consumers. Complexities involved being it legal, regulatory, financial or tax related. In other countries some carriers will discuss on various elements, so we look at the tax and legal in their perspective. So the reason it takes a little bit time.

World’s First touch enabled programmable T-Shirt with water-proof by Indian Start-up

In India, Google changed its sub-dollar pricing down to as low as Rs.10. But now, the developer set the prices low as to Rs.10. Google also introduced gift cards.

Now, Google profoundly found a reliable partner in India i.e. IDEA. The feedback they got from the developers is active, and it is interest from the carriers.

Google Nexus Live Cases Nexus 5X, 6 & 6p Infinitely Customizable with photos, Places

Google made an official announcement publicly that to offer 70% profits to developers. Google Play is a market as the developer makes money as they list an app, whereas other platform operators are also offering 70% to the developers, as it makes a significant defect.

What kind of revenue surge are you expecting after the Idea deal?

We are altogether excited about the results we have seen in the other markets. Just in case, In Indonesia, we have seen four times growth in the no of buyers in just 18 months. So, the carrier billing has played a critical role in getting more customers onto the platform. We see similar encouraging results in markets like Saudi Arabia, UAE. We expect same results in India, Says Mike.

Google Patents a Cyborg Lens may be thinking about putting Android in your eyeball

What would happen, when you wink your eyes and taking pictures at the same time! So, carry a camera in your eyes through Google’s newly patented technology “Cyborg Lenses.

Google’s newest patent technology would take you to further level. For the years, Google has been developing Smart Glasses and Smart Contact Lens. But this makes quite a difference and deeper regarding technology aspect.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved Google’s patent application last week; Google briefed the process of Cyborg Lens as it removes the lens of your eye, inject fluid into the empty lens capsule and place an electronic lens (CYBORG lens) in the liquid. The pioneered lenses are much thinner than that of a Human hair.

Advancement to Standing Hoverboard turns up to Sitting Hover Cart

You will never need spectacles or contact lenses. The vision will be like as if it is not necessary of a telescope or a microscope. The artificial computerized lenses will act as a camera though you can capture photos and videos. You can get connected to a wireless device nearby you and transmit the data. The lenses powered by the movement of your eyeball.

Google states that it has its patent rights on lenses which can cure presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and blurry vision.

Does Google Cyborg Lenses are Secured?

Google says if you keep on transmitting data all the time through your computerized eyes so that signal might allow hackers to identify you or track your movements.  Google said that it could make the mechanical lenses strip out personally identifying information so that your information stays secure.

LE Sivrac Smart Bicycle with Android, Quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM

So before you start up for Cyborg lens sign up, it’s important to note that all the tech company’s patent technologies all the time. So let’s see whether Google is implanting computer in your eyes soon or ever.

As of technology keep on updating and moving to the next level which is Un-Imaginary.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer at $399 really a haircare revolution?

Now You can Find Best Time for Meeting Using Google Calendar new feature

Scheduling Meetings is no more a tall order with the Google calendar’s new feature. Tech giant Google is now all set to roll-out a feature “Find a Time,” which will help you to schedule your office meetings besides keeping a track of very important events in the free online calendar.

Google brings update on Camera App with Slow Motion Video Mode more Tweaks

As of now this tool is made available for all Android powered devices. The giant is also planning to bring this feature to iOS and web shortly.

The feature can be used only if the user updates all his/ her events in the Google calendar. This feature is available to everyone who uses Google apps for Work or Education.

“‘Find a time’ helps you find meeting times that work for everyone — even if they’re in different time zones — based on their availability and the times they usually have meetings,” said Stella Schieffer, Google product manager in a blog post on Wednesday.

Google.com is partially dangerous Warns Google Transparency Report

Google Calendar’s new feature help in scheduling a meeting time that works for all the participants and also automatically checks out the schedules of everyone who are supposed to attend the meeting and selects a time according to their free time or at least closet time to it. Among several suggested times from Google Calendar, if there is no convenient time for all the participants, the calendar will sort out which conflicting meeting can be rescheduled.

Google helps you to Accomplishing your Goals with new goals feature

Recently in the beginning of this month, Google has added a new feature to its calendar called Goals. The entire schedule of the day like, meetings, gym time, Super and what not, all the daily tasks to be repeated will be reminded by Google Calendar Goals. Similarly, the new feature is for the work place/ organizations to schedule office meetings or get together. Users who are familiar with online calendar or Outlook calendar tool on desktop can easily use the new feature.

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