Godfather of search engine Google told ET that it will come up very soon with new Android ONE devices in India, says Mike Hayes Director, Business Developer, Android & Chrome partnership at Google.

This search giant’s Android ONE program in India gives more scope to local handset maker who come up with their specification and pricing.

Though the initial release of Android is somehow showing downfall result, now Mike Hayes says Android One will become a part of its hardware business whereas Motorola’s Rick Osterloh has joined Google.

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Google is likely to continue with original equipment makers (OEMs) and the devices, however, coming to market are entirely depends upon OEM and still have interest to work with Mike like the Android ONE.

The Android One mainly targets on low-end devices, provide more affordability. The ET person asked Google about the phase of one partnership with Karbonn, Spice, and Micromax. Even the Android one launched its second-generation Smartphone – LAVA Pixel V1, which results in criticism due to lack of features and specifications.

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There will be soon more Android One devices, says Mike. Firstly, we had put certain yardsticks to stand up the software OEMs that we launched, but since we had devices with the difference in display, size, and chipsets.

OEMs have freedom to choose and procure the components so that they decide on specification, pricing, and launch date. In such case, Google works on software elements bringing Android OS as a platform to OEMs devices.

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Google to sign a partnership with an Indian telecom operator takes a longer time why? ET asked

Mike says we seek to work with as many as we can, so that it benefits both developers and consumers. Complexities involved being it legal, regulatory, financial or tax related. In other countries some carriers will discuss on various elements, so we look at the tax and legal in their perspective. So the reason it takes a little bit time.

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In India, Google changed its sub-dollar pricing down to as low as Rs.10. But now, the developer set the prices low as to Rs.10. Google also introduced gift cards.

Now, Google profoundly found a reliable partner in India i.e. IDEA. The feedback they got from the developers is active, and it is interest from the carriers.

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Google made an official announcement publicly that to offer 70% profits to developers. Google Play is a market as the developer makes money as they list an app, whereas other platform operators are also offering 70% to the developers, as it makes a significant defect.

What kind of revenue surge are you expecting after the Idea deal?

We are altogether excited about the results we have seen in the other markets. Just in case, In Indonesia, we have seen four times growth in the no of buyers in just 18 months. So, the carrier billing has played a critical role in getting more customers onto the platform. We see similar encouraging results in markets like Saudi Arabia, UAE. We expect same results in India, Says Mike.


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