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Podcasts Anchored to Google Play Music are Now Available

Podcast Addictors, never been felt Google Play Music could do Podcast? Yes, it does now

After a Decade of Podcasts Inception, Google green signalled to Podcasts that anchored to Google Play music are now available with an update (i.e. APK download) to Android users with a new icon.

Google Play Music now follows the footsteps of services like Apple iTunes, and the first podcast supported to music players launched in 2005 and in addition to iTunes, Spotify, which supports podcast out of beta recently started and got trending over.

Spotify Reaches To 100 Million Subscribers Since Launch of Apple Music Streaming

Likely, Google was testing this feature earlier in October last year and also recruited podcasters. They launched podcast portal with a sign up including podcasts of major shows like Marc Maron’s WTF, Tyson’s Star Talk Radio, etc., in the US which doesn’t announce the capability to play the podcast in the app. By Feb onwards users pursued podcast sections in their apps. So the reason, today’s Google Podcasts launch doesn’t make surprise anymore.

The company writes in Monday’s official announcement that “Listeners can find your podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling or in what way are they interested in and subscribe to make sure they never miss a show.” Once you discover that you like a specific show, and then all can also subscribe and download your favourite show, and you will get an alert when a new episode arrives.

Google Beats Oracle: Implementation of Java API Code in Android was “Fair Use”

Google left podcast market left to the third party like Doggcatcher, Pocket cast, Stitcher Radio, Player FM, and Podcast Addict. The Company took a while to bring the following feature i.e. Podcasters can add their shows in Google Music Play Portal and can include in Google’s program. This featured function will get assist to more in number to at least try Google play music.

Google Beats Oracle: Implementation of Java API Code in Android was “Fair Use”

After a two week trail, a federal jury in a California court concluded that Google’s Android operating system does not owe a single penny to Oracle owned Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The re-implementation of 37 Java APIs comes under the “fair use” clause of the law.

“Today’s verdict that Android makes fair use of Java APIs represents a win for the Android ecosystem, for the Java programming community, and for software developers who rely on open and free programming languages to build innovative consumer products,” a Google spokesperson said.

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The fight of Oracle with Google started in the year 2010, when Oracle filed a case against Google claiming the use of APIs without permission. After a struggle for long six years, Google won this case which would cost $9 billion if lost. If the case was judged the other way in favor of Oracle, it might have threatened the software developers who re-implement other company products. Well, this case will give clarity to the programmers regarding copyright rules.

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Initially the court found that Google does not infringe Oracle but then the twist was, the court’s decision was upturned as an appeals court found APIs are copyrightable. Then the case turned to the concept of Fair use, a law which allows the use of owned material with clauses included. Usually, Developers borrow APIs from other products to ensure compatibility or to make a new product easily understandable.

Mitch Stoltz, a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said, “Overall, this is a win for software development.” Stoltz mainly focuses on copyright issues. “I think it’ll give software developers a bit more confidence that re-implementing APIs is not something that’s going to get them sued,” Stoltz added.

Google Glass App Projects a Magnified Smartphone Screen for Visually Impaired

“We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market,” Oracle’s general counsel Dorian Daley said in a statement. “Oracle brought this lawsuit to put a stop to Google’s illegal behavior. We believe there are numerous grounds for appeal and we plan to bring this case back to the Federal Circuit on appeal.”

The hearing doesn’t indicate the close of case. Well, Oracle has already said that it will soon appeal.

AmpMe Connects Android and iOS Devices to Play the Same Music on Multiple Devices

AmpMe is the Application, which lets you connect with your friends and create a portable sound system. No matter which device you are using, either Android or IOS this application allows you to connect any devices irrespective of the operating system.  AmpMe creates the massive, multi-speaker setup using just one phone in your pocket. Play the music on your phone and the music is perfectly sync across the multiple devices to create one massive sound system. So Party is ON everywhere and anywhere.

List of Top Apps Released, Interestingly 90% of Google Play Revenue Comes From Games

This App is developed by the AmpMe Inc. Install the AmpMe Application from the Google Play store for the Android Users and Apple App store for the IOS users. After Installation connect with your friends and then sync the music. Yay! You are ready to party. You can also join a friend using the AmpMe application. The host can able to search for their best and favourite music on the phone. Once the music is on, friends can join the party. After joining the party, syncing starts automatically with your friends and their devices becomes speakers. This is compatible with the smartphones and tablets.

AmpMe raised $10 million series a funding and these funding were led by Relay Ventures. This funding includes different ventures like Investissement Quebec, Slaight Capital, OMERS Ventures, Anges Quebec Capital, and Real Ventures.

Google’s “Tap to Translate” Feature Works Inside Any App On Android

“We’ve overwhelmingly positive about the future of AmpMe and our investors share our enthusiasm in wanting to help AmpMe become the most portable sound system in the world,” said CEO Marin-Luc Archambault.

AmpMe launched eight months ago with only fewer options. In the future updates, the application included with the third party applications access like YouTube, Soundcloud. Now users can have the vast collection of music from these resources and can play the desired music or video. AmpMe hits more than 2 million downloads.

Opera’s ad-blocker - A Curse For Free Websites

Opera had extended the ad-blocking service to the browser’s Android version. Two months ago the company had unveiled a new version of the desktop browser which includes an inbuilt native Ad-blocker. The aim behind the major update to the service is to minimise the time taken to load a web page and consume fewer data. It would also increase the user’s security, privacy and free them from getting distracted.

According to an official announcement the company had integrated its upgraded service to the Smartphones via Opera Mini, the mobile version of the browser. The Norway-based company says that with this step the users are facilitated to load their Web Pages 45 percent faster and would consume 14 percent lesser data.

The Firm’s official stated that with the major update Opera became the first company to offer a native ad blocker across all the devices. According to the tests done the browser speed is mostly affected and slowed by the advertisements. The newer version now avails much more browsing speed with the cut down of those ads at the source level.

Google.com is partially dangerous Warns Google Transparency Report


To enable the option of ad blocking one can select it from the settings of the opera browser. Differing from many other ad-block extensions, Opera checks the list using native code and the faster algorithms. The browser blocks the ad right at the engine level after receiving a URL request from the network. The browser is currently using EASYLISTS and EASYPRIVACY to stop advertisements and trackers respectively.

When compared with leading browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox along with Ad-block plus extensions, the new opera browser experienced 45 percent more browsing speed than the others. The Speed tests are carried out on 66 rich content websites on different systems which resulted in similar results. The mobile VPN is still in the development phase and the company would soon unveil its free VPN app which would work with all the other applications installed on the smartphone.

Google’s Smart Lock Password Manager Lets You Access All Your Passwords From Anywhere

On the other hand, it would have an enormous effect on the publishers of the free websites. As they rely only on revenue generated by the ads for paying salaries to their crew which includes editors, journalists, bloggers, technology development & all the others. If the blocking of advertisements continues then, it may lead to the shutdown of many free websites. It is a known fact that advertising allows more services to be free on the internet which is bringing more number of users to the web.

Some of the publishers argue that prevention and blocking of ads are not a solution. It results in the loss of livelihood to many people who are depending on those websites. They also suggest that limiting the number of ads on a web page might be a better solution rather than blocking them.

Spaces: Google’s New Application for Group Sharing

An anti ad blocking campaign also started by popular websites like FORBES displaying a message that to access the website the user should remove the ad block extension.

The World’s Cheapest Laptop Ever: Allwinner Remix OS Laptop At Just $79

Allwinner, a very famous Chinese Company and tough competitor in the market of budget devices have now lined up a Laptop with jaw dropping price. This is for the first time the company is stepping into the field of Laptops. The company which manufactured devices like Android TV sticks and gaming tablets till date, now turn up with the view to capitalize on OS which has come up with a laptop worth $79.  Remix OS, a powerful and popularly known desktop OS for android powered PCs and Tablets, is now going to be the operating system for the affordable Allwinner laptops with Jide’s interesting fusion of Android, Windows and Chrome OS.

Microsoft Edge to Receive Adblock and Adblock Plus

The company announces that the price of the all new laptop ranges $79 to $99 which runs on Remix OS 2.0. The features of the world’s first cheapest laptop Allwinner basic model is apparently all plastic body with the 11.6-inch LCD screen with 1366 x 768 resolution with a front-faced webcam. This model comes with a 64-bit kit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with 1GB of RAM and has 8GB of storage for apps, games, movies, music and other files. Well, the battery life is not yet clear, but keeping price and specification in mind experts assume it would be of 3-6 hours of battery life.

Variant model is also available with 2GB of RAM and 16GB/32GB of storage which includes a larger display of 14.1-inch and same resolution of 11.6-inch device with a hike in the price up to $99. The unique specifications include Port wise HDMI, two USBs, a micro SD slot, and a headphone jack. So, there is no chance of users getting irritated with one USB and a connector for your ear buds. The company has also announced a 2-in-1 Laptop which includes an octra-core 32-bit chip.

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The prices for the given models by the company are tentative and it seems like the $79 price is only available when ordered or purchased in bulk. So, these laptops can fulfil the digital class room need in various educational institutions and cost effective business purpose devices. Well, the Allwinner Company is waiting fingers crossed to check the response or enthusiasm of the users to buy the product which is the only way to bring the product into the light.

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