Google translate

Google has come up with new improvements to the Google translate feature. According to the giant, 500 million+ people around the world use Google Translate but 9 out of 10 people live out of US. So, a feedback was taken from thousands of people in Indonesia, India, Thailand and Brazil. After learning what exactly works and what doesn’t work Google has decided to launch its Tap to Translate feature. The feature lets you translate copy-pasted text immediately in any app. “Tap to Translate” feature can translate between all 103 Google translate languages on any Android smartphone running Jelly Bean 4.2 and above.

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The feature is designed especially to translate chats, song lyrics and forwards. The feature comes in a one-tap button which helps you to easily translate content in any app. This feature is quite useful in group chats where friends from different regions text in unknown languages in offline mode. The giant claims that with the addition of Filipino language pack the total number of offline languages reached 52.

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Google unveiled few more updated to Google translate which includes an offline mode on iOS. With each offline language, a small 25MB of space is required. The giant is also rolling out support for Chinese inside of a Word Lense Feature for both Android and iOS. With this feature, you can see an augmented translation of a printed text just by pointing out phone’s camera. This feature translates both simplified and traditional Chinese language and it works offline.


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