Whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp had become a part of every individual using a smartphone. The free social networking mobile application had millions of users around the world. It is continuously updating with useful features suiting the users need. There is a buzz in the tech industry that the social networking app would soon unveil major features like Call back, Video Calling, Zip sharing. It is also said that the new update may also include the usage of QR & NFC codes for inviting people into their WhatsApp groups.

With the advent of voice calling option, the largest Multiplatform chat application sets a fierce competition for the Network providers resulting in the Debate of Net neutrality. The future Video calling option may challenge already existing video call applications like Skype and IMO.

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The recent rumours say that presently the Video calling option is running in the beta version of IOS, which is undergoing testing with limited users. The rumours are strengthened because some Screenshots of the same were leaked and are in speculation but no official confirmation is available.

Another feature called Call back would also be available soon. This Option allows the user to call back friends with a single tap of the button without opening the app. Sharing of Zip Files & invitation to WhatsApp groups through QR codes may boost the usage of the application across IOS and Android users.

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The Social Networking application had officially rolled out an update for all its users. The latest update includes various new features which would make it, even more, users friendly. The newer version of the Facebook-owned application enables users to make a reply to the messages right from the notification itself.

A quick camera button present on the chats allows users to take picture or video from the mobile. Just by selecting and holding the conversation gives user new options like Quick Delete, Archive, or Mute multiple chats at a time.


The new version of WhatsApp includes rich text formats like bold, italics and strikethrough the text. For a bold, Italic and strike through just enclose the text simply with’ * ’ , ’_’ , and ‘~’ respectively.

The mobile application had also given the settings screen a new look and option of selecting a solid colour as chat wallpaper.


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