LE Sivrac

LeEco’s Smart Bicycle

LeEco, China’s emerging multi product company, formerly known as the LeTv had now launched its new product named LE Sivrac. It is pretty much a combination of smartphone, a fitness tracker and road cycle. It is the third product which is launched by the Chinese company this month including the smartphone trio and the super smart car LeSSE.

All the three products are related to three different sectors, but the common point among all is the technology. Having a unique design the smart bike is made up of T700 carbon fibre and equipped with an aluminium alloy frame smartphone with a 4-inch display is mounted & fixed in between the handle bars.

The smartphone enables easy navigation and display of the maps. It also keeps the record logs of the places and journeys made on the bicycle. Running on the Android software, it is powered with a 4 GB RAM. Featured with built in speakers, it can play music which is loud enough that doesn’t require to use headphones.

The handlebars are equipped with individual sensors which would recognise the heartbeat count and store it in the smartphone. It also stores the information about the physical metrics such as age, gender, height and weight.

It also had buttons which are for horn and signalling lights. A camera is mounted at the top of the handlebar to shoot, record the journey on the bike & used for security purposes. The camera comes up with an SD card option. It also had laser pointers which would display a red laser light on the red showing the fellow riders and cars notice your presence avoiding accidents during nights.

The head and rear lights are self-adjusted with the help of sensors that will on/off sensing the light level. The chunkier cross bar holds three controls the parking lock, camera, and lights. When the parking lock button is pressed the chain bolt that will slide into its place preventing it from being stolen. The power source for all the electrical operations is done by a battery which is connected to all the other peripherals and is kept down the smartphone and it can be charged using a pin.

In the case of dead or low battery, the bicycle unlocks itself for easy peddling. The modern smartphone running on two wheels is available in China and would roll out in the United States by the end of the year.

LE Sivrac price would be starting from $800 and above $6,000 for the carbon framed one. LeECo’s Smart bicycle would be displayed on the CE China show out in Shenzhen. This bike may be available only for china.


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