Technology keeps on changing drastically and placed great emphasis on humankind. It has a tremendous impact on the people in different aspects. Humans, who rejoice the technology a lot, also extending their hands to develop it even more.

Have anyone ever thought of a T-shirt, which can be customizable to our preference by connecting to a smartphone. Probably it’s a dream just to imagine it. But it is made in real by a recently started company in Telangana.

Broadcast Wearable’s, an Indian based start-up in the city of Hyderabad is launching world’s first App connected LED T-shirt. Advancing the technology, the smart wearable is made up of a cloth material which consists of LED panel and touch display. It can be On/Off by just touching it.

The Smart t-shirt can show texts, designs, logos and images on it which are loaded on the smartphone connected to it. A micro controller is used to display the information on the LED panel sourced from the mobile.

The front surface of the garment includes an LED panel which is about the size of an a4 paper. Concerning the user’s comfort, they used Surface Mounted Device SMD-LED with Flexible Printed Circuit Board. The Display panel includes a total of 792LEDs illuminating the front part.  A thin wire is connected between the front panel and 1500 mAh battery at the back.

The motive behind the design is to make user enjoy both comfort and technology at their will. The Flexible material used for this Programmable T-shirt is waterproof and therefore washable. To make it last longer without recharge, the company is looking for an even low power consuming LEDs throughout India.

Ayyappa Nagubandi, the founder of the start-up, stated that they would release an API for creating an ecosystem and thus by enabling others to use this technology for developing more products shortly. Being in the pre-production stage, they are eyeing to start the campaign for taking their product to the people, Investors. The final price details would also be revealed then at the Campaign itself.



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