What would happen, when you wink your eyes and taking pictures at the same time! So, carry a camera in your eyes through Google’s newly patented technology “Cyborg Lenses.

Google’s newest patent technology would take you to further level. For the years, Google has been developing Smart Glasses and Smart Contact Lens. But this makes quite a difference and deeper regarding technology aspect.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved Google’s patent application last week; Google briefed the process of Cyborg Lens as it removes the lens of your eye, inject fluid into the empty lens capsule and place an electronic lens (CYBORG lens) in the liquid. The pioneered lenses are much thinner than that of a Human hair.

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You will never need spectacles or contact lenses. The vision will be like as if it is not necessary of a telescope or a microscope. The artificial computerized lenses will act as a camera though you can capture photos and videos. You can get connected to a wireless device nearby you and transmit the data. The lenses powered by the movement of your eyeball.

Google states that it has its patent rights on lenses which can cure presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and blurry vision.

Does Google Cyborg Lenses are Secured?

Google says if you keep on transmitting data all the time through your computerized eyes so that signal might allow hackers to identify you or track your movements.  Google said that it could make the mechanical lenses strip out personally identifying information so that your information stays secure.

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So before you start up for Cyborg lens sign up, it’s important to note that all the tech company’s patent technologies all the time. So let’s see whether Google is implanting computer in your eyes soon or ever.

As of technology keep on updating and moving to the next level which is Un-Imaginary.

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