Video Game lovers always want to play new games and love to get improvements to their favorite games. Recently the trailer of an action game has been launched which would make the game fans happier. Leading Video game Publisher Electronic Arts in association with the developer company Respawn Entertainment had released the 4-minute trailer of the second version of their action shooter game ‘Titanfall’ dubbed as ‘Titanfall 2’.

The game was scheduled to release on 28th of October 2016, while the first version of the game was released way back in the year 2013 by EA and the second version took about three years to hit the market. Titanfall received appreciation and applause from gamers for its concept, but the impact made by the game didn’t last long. Considering this as a set back the developers worked on the drawbacks of the prior version and came back with an answer.

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Major update from the developers includes making the game available to millions of PlayStation 4 users and that is the reason why the demo was only released on “PS4”.However, Respawn Entertainment don’t want to disappoint the loyal fans of the game and will make it available for   Xbox one and PC.

The main drawback with the prior version of the game is the map flow since many faced interruptions in the player movement which make them deviate from the game. The developers updated the problem in the newer version.

Developers also concentrated on the number of “Titans” that are available for play because the original game featured only three different “Titans” and they all played the same, lacking variety. This limitation is cleared by making six new characters available and all the six playing different styles.

The best good thing about the newer version’s game-play trailer is still had all the positives of the original edition.

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These improvements would make the loyal fans of the ‘Titanfall’ love it more. Hope the availability to PS4, and other upgrades would make it to a long-lasting impact, unlike the first edition.


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