Foldimate is the San Francisco based startup designed this cloth folding robot. This new robot is creating the buzz on the internet. This is the robot which doesn’t walk, talk, run or anything. It just folds your laundry. Foldimate acts as your friend; it gives the solution to your laundry folding problems. Are your kids bothering while you are folding your laundry? Then Foldimate is the best solution to get out of it.

Foldimate can fold your clothes. After washing the clothes folding your clothes is the big task and with the help of Foldimate, you can get hands free out of it. Just clip the clothes to the Foldimate and sit back and relax or back to your work. Foldimate can able to fold the items like Shirts, Pants and towels. Even the small items like socks or underwear and you can still clip the boxer briefs can be folded by Foldimate.

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Each time you can pin up to 15 to 20 items to the Foldimate machine. But Foldimate takes only one item each time for folding the clothes or the respective item you clip. The maximum run time for wrapping the each item is completed in ten seconds. There are few more unique features in the Foldimate; it can also do de-wrinkling the clothes.

The process of the Foldimate is very simple. Clip the items for folding and start the process. When you hit start, it starts folding the clipped items. Then rotating begins and each item enters in and starts the process of folding. Now the robotic cloth flooding process initiates after the alignment of the item are done. After folding the item, the unloading process is started.

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The unique features are included in the Foldimate are steam (de-wrinkling), perfume, soften and sanitise. After folding the items, Foldimate uses the steam for removing the pesky wrinkles on the items. It also sprinkles the perfume which makes the clothes soften and odour good while the items are getting folded. Later the items are moved to the output tray where you can collect the laundry.

When the tray is full, an alarm is triggered, this lets you identify that the tray is full. Then you can collect the folded pile, and you can press resume for the continuing the process. You can update the settings from the settings menu.

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The price of the Foldimate is targeted to $750 to $800. The users who are interested and want to buy this product have to pre-register at the official website with a valid email Id. The pre-orders are starting from the year 2017.