Samsung Electronics has unveiled India’s First curved gaming monitor. The company claims this as the most curved monitor in the world which measures a radius of 1800mm. Samsung explains this curved monitor gives a comfortable and a next level experience to gamers.

The South Korean tech giant introduces the quantum dot technology in this curved gaming monitor. Also, this new technology offers an excellent picture quality like never before.

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The curved gaming monitor offers a refresh rate of 144 Hz with response time at 1ms provides the immerse pleasure of gaming. The LC24FG70 and LC27FG70 curved gaming monitor equipped with quantum dot technology which enables more vibrant and natural colors. Besides, it offers some gamer-friendly features provide with more customizations which will be an enjoyable experience. Other features like Pivot, HAS, Tilt, Swivel, gives an optimized gaming experience.

The LC24FG70 & LC27FG70 is the first curved gaming monitor to combine motion blur reduction technology with its VA panel. The integrated AMD FreeSync Technology over HDMI functionality synchronizes the screen’s 144 Hz refresh rate with users’ AMD graphics cards. The curved gaming monitor offers almost true to life picture on the screen.

“Gamers are demanding advanced display technologies in monitors to experience every nuance of a game. There is a need for better monitors for enhanced gaming experience in the country. The launch of this curved gaming monitor is a step in that direction, and I am sure that it will be a trendsetter in the gaming zone,” says, Puneet Sethi, Director, CE B2B Business, Samsung Electronics India.

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The LC24FG70 & LC27FG70 curved gaming monitor’s features a dedicated gaming interface which allows customizations. On the other hand, it also offers a series of hotkeys on the front and back for adjusting gameplay settings. Furthermore, it brings out the best most complex game designs, FPS compatibility, RTS, RPG and AOS genres. Samsung curved monitor LC24FG70 priced in India at Rs 35,000 and LC27FG70 price is around Rs 42,000.