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Facebook introduces new tools to encourage civic participation in the upcoming elections in India. The social network giant unveils “polling day reminder” tool as elections are gearing up in Uttarakhand, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Manipur.

Facebook News Feed will now show a polling day reminder in each of the five states on the election day. This polling day reminder will be shown to people of 18 years and above.

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“The reminder links to the Election Commission’s website where people can find details on their polling booth and other polling day information. People also have the option to share with their friends that they have voted by clicking on the ‘Share You Voted‘ button,” says, Ankhi Das, Director of Public Policy for Facebook in India and South and Central Asia.

People can highlight their status as a voter just by clicking the button. They can share the event with their Facebook friends without unveiling the details who they have voted for. Facebook took the initiative to encourage civic participation in building the country. Thus, the company has created tools to remind and share the message to the people to have their voice in the process.

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Political candidates also have the option to share a brief description of the issues happening in India. They can also create a custom set of issues of which they like to share their views with voters. Facebook first listed the Election Day reminder feature in the US back in 2008. Earlier, Facebook has provided an option to mark the election voting as an event in their profiles. Now, polling day reminder is another step to remind people about the Election Day in the country.


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