Kuwait bans Pakistan, Syria

Kuwait Government had banned the entry of immigrants from five countries. The list of barred countries includes Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. With the fear of Terrorists entering into the country opted for this decision.

The Govt of Kuwait had asked people from these list of countries not to apply for Visas. Recently American President Donald Trump had issued an executive order of banning Seven Islamic countries.

When questioned by the Media, Pakistan’s Ambassador in Kuwait Ghulam Dastagir has denied the reports of a visa ban.

Pakistan Could be Included in the Trump’s Immigration Ban list

In the year 2011 Kuwait had issued an order suspending permits for all Syrians in 2011. During the Mid 2016, the Arab Country had conducted several raids inside and outside the nation thus by preventing three terrorist plots by the ISIS. Many militants and supporters were put in prison.

According to a survey conducted in 2016, Kuwait got listed in the worst nation for expatriates.The Gulf Cooperation Council and Iran had their own Conflicts.Being a member of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Kuwait was embroiled in-between.

Kuwait had advised all the travelers of the nation that “Terrorists continue to issue statements threatening to carry out attacks in the Gulf region. These include references to attacks on Western interests, including residential compounds, military, oil, transport and aviation interests, as well as crowded places, including hotels.”

Being the large base of US Military, Kuwait now become the first country to Indirectly support the decision of the New President of United States Of America.