American President Donald Trump has started to fulfill the promises which he had given in the election campaign. One of such election promise was the prevention of terrorists entering into the USA. Trump had passed an order to ban the immigrants, passengers from 7 Muslim Majority countries.

This decision of immediate ban had taken everybody by surprise,even some of the government officials were shocked.The temporary ban would stop over 200 million people from entering the United States. Although this is temporary, it can be said as the first step towards the permanent barring.

The seven countries on which the ban was imposed include Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia.

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Key Pen Strokes by Donald Trump
  • Bans citizens of 7 countries
  • Orders review of countries to be added to the ban
  • Suspends the US refugee program
  • Calls for new immigration screening procedures
  • Bans Syrian refugees

According to the sources from the white house, soon we may see Pakistan included in the list of countries from where immigration was banned.

A White House Official had stated that the seven countries listing was based on the situations and terrorist activities taking place in their country.So basing on that any country that’s facing terrorist activities inside their land would be added to the list.

As far as now Pakistan, Afghanistan immigrants were under severe wetting as security checkups have tightened.

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The White House Officials are saying that the controversial decision was taken after a lot of thinking in different aspects and there’s no chance of backing away. We might See more Strict Immigration rules shortly. The Inclusion of India’s All time rival Country Pakistan can be expected as it comes under the same category of the other seven countries.

A New York Judge has issued an emergency stay on president’s decision temporarily on the removal of individuals. Even though many were opposing this decision by Trump, the US President was not ready to withdraw his action.


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