The social media giant, Facebook has been making a lot of its concentration to bear upon the Facebook Video content. As per the reports, the company working with several professional video makers to get content created for its news feed. Earlier this week, Facebook planned to licence long-form TV quality to develop an app for set-top boxes.

Interestingly, the social media giant is showing more interest in the YouTube manner of collecting quick video clips rather than Netflix. Facebook is more focusing on the short clips than long videos, seasons and web videos. This is similar to the initial interest in Facebook live.

Facebook Reportedly Planning to Create App for Television Set Top Boxes

“We’re focusing more on shorter form content to start, and we repeatedly questioned about Facebook’s video strategy. One thing’s are clear and Facebook will invest heavily. I see the video as a mega trend”, said Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Eventually, Facebook plans to get enough viewers through the advertising in which they can increase the revenue share. The company claims that the new video tab that was recently rolled out in the US has changed the video viewing behaviour on Facebook.

The Facebook CFO, David Wehner said, “our focus was on kick-starting the ecosystem here for the Facebook Videos tab…We’re looking at most of the content. We’re certainly going to be broadcasting content to get the ecosystem going. That’s not about doing big deals.”

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Facebook Video is going to huge points to focus on the company, and they are ready to invest in the ecosystem. The social media giant is looking for a platform where people can watch a lot of short video clips. Facebook already attract its users with a lot of videos which plays for odd 5 to 10 minutes.