Sorry, Justin Bieber can’t be bought

Pop star Justin Bieber declined a huge offer of $5 million to perform near the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The 22-year-old singer considered seriously about performing in the event as this would be the highest paid “per day” for a 45 minutes event for him.

The promoter approached Bieber the event was “not political” and ensured Bieber need not endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump or any GOP policies. Team Justin Bieber declined as they found it “100% political”. Scooter Braun who supports Democratic Party president candidate Hillary Clinton. Braun welcomed Clinton, reality television star Kim Kardashian and rapper kayne West to his home in Los Angeles for a fundraiser which benefits Clinton.

Authorities warned Justin Bieber to stop taking pictures with exotic cats

He suggested Bieber to display a Black Lives Matter banners during his performance. GOP donors rejected for that and made a comprise to showcase only “All Lives Matter” banners. They also excluded Bieber expressing his opinion on Trump or any Republic personalities on stage.

The source said Bieber was tempted “partly because he’s Canadian and didn’t have a dog in the fight and partly because of the money.”TMZ, consisting of entirely of African –Americans, did not want to perform after the disagreement. However, excluded his performance knowing Cleveland Cavaliers star even LeBron James did the same for another GOP event.

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Earlier, Donald Trump promised the event is going to be all popular stars filled one. But with Bieber and LeBorn’s declination Republicans ended up with Scott Baio and a guy from Duck Dynasty.

Recently he was in the lime light for wrong reasons.One of the most popular celebrity having millions of twitter followers was warned by the officials not to post pictures of wild animals.Now he turned out this offer.He’s increasing his popularity not only by his talent in music but also by the things he does.