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Election Official Questions Trump Regarding the Voter Fraud Evidence

Trump on voter fraud

A US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) official called on President Donald Trump to give proof of voter fraud after he reportedly made claims in a meeting with senators, the media reported.

Trump reportedly blamed voter fraud for why both he and former Senator Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire in November during the meeting on Thursday with a bipartisan group of senators, as reported in popular magazine.

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“The scheme the President of the US alleges would constitute thousands of felony criminal offenses under New Hampshire law,” Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said in a statement on Friday.

“The President has issued an extraordinarily severe and specific charge,” added Weintraub, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush. “Allegations of this magnitude cannot be ignored.”

“I therefore call upon President Trump to immediately share his evidence with the public and with the appropriate law-enforcement authorities so that his allegations may be investigated promptly and thoroughly.”

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Last week, Trump said that he would have Vice President Mike Pence to oversee a special commission for voter fraud.

The president maintains voter fraud may explain why 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton defeated him in the popular vote by nearly three million ballots.

After his entrance into the white house, the US president was in news everyday for his decisions and remarks. We have to look further how the USA will be under his rule.


Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton: Who will be the Next President of USA ?

The U.S president election is the most expensive,watched and longest  election in the entire world. This grueling race for the white house between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton is entering its final week.

Over 120 million Americans will go to the polls on November 8 to determine the 45th President of the United States.

Former state Secretary Clinton has observed a double-digit polling lead over her opponent. The margin for Clinton has been reduced in the recent days with the rise of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s latest investigation into emails supposedly linked to the Democrat’s use of a private server.

ISIS Wants Trump to Win the US Presidential Elections 2016

Over viewing the profiles, nothing sticks to Trump neither his admission of groping women, nor the videos of him are mocking disabled. Not boasts of avoiding taxes, Demonizing immigrants and minorities, and not his consistently falsifying facts adds voters to look towards Clinton.

Everything sticks to Clinton; allegations of corruption, charges of endangering national security, rumors of marital compromises, with little regard for her well-chronicled record of public service.

It’s been a confused affair for Trump over the past year as he closed the gap on his Democrat rival remarkably in the closing days of the US Presidential Election.

However, Trump seemed to have misspent his chances of victory after the appearance of a series of hot comments and allegations of sexual misconduct in the last few months. Another turnaround is, FBI’s launching fresh investigation into Clinton using emails has given a renewed hope for Trump in the major swing states.

The first US presidential debate observed Clinton securing a major gain over Trump nationally. The first debate has set a record 84 million people on television. The democrat’s polling also spectator a surge around the second presidential debate.

WikiLeaks releases more than 1200 archived emails of Hillary Clinton

One thing that we can surely guarantee is the reality that the contest between the two bitter challengers has narrowed down with the former state secretary at 47 percent overall while real estate mogul is chasing just behind on 45.6 per cent.

However, it is too early to predict the winner at this moment considering the FBI’s announcement of reopening the investigation on Clinton’s email usage.

ISIS Wants Trump to Win the US Presidential Elections 2016

The ISIS group fighters are keen for Donald Trump to achieve the crown of the White House so that they can use his rhetoric eager against the Muslims. According to the Twitter user comments, it is clear that the ISIS team firmly believe that the Trump white house will help them in their mission.

Trump has vowed to Stop Muslims from entering the United States as a way to stop the attacks from ISIS. He also said that he would take out the families of ISIS fighters and bomb “the shit” out of Syria. Trump blamed Barack Obama and his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton for creating the group based in Syria and Iraq. In a counter-terrorism speech in August, he stated that “We cannot let this evil continue.”

Donald Trump left out of Google search results for ‘Active Presidential Campaigns’

In a recent interview through the messaging app of 12 ISIS recruiters, one of them said that he would help them to start a war between Iran and the West. They also claimed that there would be a final face-off between the Iran and the West near the city Dabiq, in South Syria. It is also reported that this war may lead to the worldwide Islam caliphate.

One of the ISIS members said: “I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.”Another quoted “The ‘facilitation’ of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any cost!” One ex-fighter said Trump “talks like a crazy person — not just about Muslims but about U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia.”

President Obama Strikes Trump And Appeal For Hilary Clinton In DNC Speech

Clinton, who has served as secretary state under Obama’s presidency has also vowed to take on ISIS but she parallelly encouraged the Americans to avoid the offensive rhetoric when discussing on Muslims and terrorism. Hence she is not considered as an effective or recruiting tool like Trump.An ex- fighter, Adel said: “She never says anything bad about Muslims.”

Justin Bieber turns down $5 million offer to perform at RNC

Sorry, Justin Bieber can’t be bought

Pop star Justin Bieber declined a huge offer of $5 million to perform near the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The 22-year-old singer considered seriously about performing in the event as this would be the highest paid “per day” for a 45 minutes event for him.

The promoter approached Bieber the event was “not political” and ensured Bieber need not endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump or any GOP policies. Team Justin Bieber declined as they found it “100% political”. Scooter Braun who supports Democratic Party president candidate Hillary Clinton. Braun welcomed Clinton, reality television star Kim Kardashian and rapper kayne West to his home in Los Angeles for a fundraiser which benefits Clinton.

Authorities warned Justin Bieber to stop taking pictures with exotic cats

He suggested Bieber to display a Black Lives Matter banners during his performance. GOP donors rejected for that and made a comprise to showcase only “All Lives Matter” banners. They also excluded Bieber expressing his opinion on Trump or any Republic personalities on stage.

The source said Bieber was tempted “partly because he’s Canadian and didn’t have a dog in the fight and partly because of the money.”TMZ, consisting of entirely of African –Americans, did not want to perform after the disagreement. However, excluded his performance knowing Cleveland Cavaliers star even LeBron James did the same for another GOP event.

Donald Trump left out of Google search results for ‘Active Presidential Campaigns’

Earlier, Donald Trump promised the event is going to be all popular stars filled one. But with Bieber and LeBorn’s declination Republicans ended up with Scott Baio and a guy from Duck Dynasty.

Recently he was in the lime light for wrong reasons.One of the most popular celebrity having millions of twitter followers was warned by the officials not to post pictures of wild animals.Now he turned out this offer.He’s increasing his popularity not only by his talent in music but also by the things he does.

Donald Trump left out of Google search results for ‘Active Presidential Campaigns’

Early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump found nowhere in Google search engine results. Instead, results show Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, as well as Jill Stein of Green Party. It remained no change for 8 hours or so and then Google fixed it.

When an input the term “presidential candidates” is given to search engine, a box shows information of “Active Campaigns” highlights at the top of the page. Google lagged room for Republic Party nominee Donald Trump, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and cult favourite contender Vermin Supreme. Donald Trump was included “presidential candidates” in Google search engine before accepting his nomination for president candidate by Republic Party.

President Obama Strikes Trump And Appeal For Hilary Clinton In DNC Speech

Search engine giant was accused of the biassed search result in favour of Hillary Clinton in June 2016. The company released a statement declaring all it happened due to a ‘technical bug’. “Google Autocomplete does not favour any candidate or cause. Claims to the contrary just misunderstand how Autocomplete works. We found a technical bug in Search where only the presidential candidates participating in an active primary election were appearing in a Knowledge Graph result. Because the Republican and Libertarian primaries have ended, those candidates did not appear. This bug was resolved early this morning.” A Google Spokesperson said.

Google doesn’t reveal the source where the information is getting from. The problem persists in the absence of reference points, and it’s tough to find out where things had gone wrong. Without clear reference points, the search engine presents with a big font of all knowledge.

Political War Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Finally, the error is fixed, and the “Active Campaigns” info box now shows Donald Trump, Hillary CIinton, Johnson and Jill Stein. 

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