Yet once again India and Russia relations have proved how strong they are. After the much talked and attention gained S-400 Anti- Aircraft missile defense system agreement, Submarines have occupied the place.

In the latest hot spot of the India Russia defense system, Akula class nuclear sub-marine is being delivered. The deal is $2 billion worth. The sub-marine is expected to arrive by 2020-21. This will be included in the Indian Navy immediately because the INS Chakra expires in 2021.

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This is the second deal regarding the nuclear submarine in the recently concluded BRICS 2016 summit. This deal is also amongst the 16 signed between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The indigenous 6,000 tone nuclear sub-marine can fire nuclear ballistic missiles within a range of 3,500 km. This deal was commissioned with utmost secrecy. Pakistan Defence Minister Khwaja Asif’s statement of tactical nuclear weapons use against India is a point that to be considered. Hence, such steps will be safeguarding the marine coasts of India borders.

Arihant nuclear submarine of the same class is also in operational for the Indian Navy Army. This can fire Agni V missiles and can calculate the sharp variation in temperatures that exists at the depth in Indian waters. This detection makes the Arihant a potent weapon. In the mean time, INS Aridhaman will be included into the army forces by 2018.

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However, the neighboring countries with the sea coast sharing the borders with India are China on one side and Pakistan on the other. Pakistan does not have at least one sub marine as India has. But China has a substantial sub marine system.

China’s Nuclear sub marines carry a version of the Dong Feng nuclear missile. This has a range reach of 7,000 km.