Smartphones from Google has made their debut departing from the company’s Nexus line. Google pixel series pulled off their covers and the new smartphone creation from Google brought some high-end specs along with the price to match with it.

Anticipation has been high on the first ever smartphone with Google moniker, the company behind Android. Engineered and developed completely in-house, Google Pixel XL shaped up to the likes of the iPhone 7 Plus or the Samsung Note 7.

It was no surprise that Google made and aggressive move to replace the Nexus smartphone range with its premium design and higher price. The search engine giant’s gutsy move to drop the budget focusing Nexus brand and go expensive smartphone market is fruitful.

Let’s get into the Google pixel XL Review and find out if this smallest addressable component is a worthy competitor for Apple, Samsung, HTC or not.

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Google worked on focusing the looks of the phone substituting its physical feel and experience. Google Pixel XL design stands highlight with the front profile which is a blank, featureless slate literally. Conversely, Pixel looks like any Android phone at first glance.

Google Pixel XL design features rounded edges which ensure comfort while holding. The glass panel with a fingerprint sensor on the upper rear side of the Pixel XL will surely be a stand out feature in its design. The fingerprint sensor position is perfect when your exactly place your index finger. It also doubles as a mini trackpad, which is quite handy in XL model particularly.

With the dimensions of 76x155x 8.6mm and weight of 168g Pixel XL feels a lot nicer in hand. The power button and the volume rocker keys took their place on the right edge of the device. On the top, a 3.5mm audio out jack is provided on the upper edge with an antenna band beside it.

The bottom edge of the Pixel XL has two vents on the either side of the USB charging slot, and one is for the microphone, and the other is for the speaker. Nano SIM slot is positioned on the left side where the device without any much embossing in the body language.

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Google Pixel XL flaunts a 5.5inch Quad HD AMOLED display with 2560×1440 pixels and 534 PPI along with Gorilla Glass 4 protection on the top. The screen brightness looks delighted even at the low light making its statement. Pixel XL has gained each of AMOLED panel characteristics with the dark blacks, and the colors are punchy and saturated.

Google Pixel XL offers an excellent display from all viewing angles. The handset also provides a high visual accuracy competing with the likes of iPhone. The AMOLED display on the Pixel XL brings all the media or game than the expanded gamut and IPS panel on the iPhone. You may appeal contrast of colors on the display of the Pixel XL during media consumption.

You’ll surely notice brighter colors on the Pixel XL after the iPhone as the flagship offering from Apple tends to render more color with QHD display. Pixel XL display is surely a game-changer with the bright and detailed display. Pixel XL’s expansive 5.5-inch panel provides a fantastic look for the web pages, video, Images, and text.

Specs Review:

Google hasn’t stepped back concerning hardware. Apart from design and display, Pixel XL features identical specs. Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC with two 2.15GHz cores and two 1.6GHz cores powers the Pixel XL along with integrated Adreno 530 graphics. Google Pixel Xl claims the first VR-enabling smartphone to run Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821 CPU.

The device packs 4gigs of RAM and is available in 32GB and 128GB fixed storage options. Sadly, Google hasn’t provided any option for external storage what a traditional Android smartphone offer. The 32 GB trim put forward 29.7GB of effective usable space. It is always preferable to opt 128GB variant bearing the lack of microSD expansion. However, it is expensive, though.

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Google pixel XL is well at performing tasks, and the new Snapdragon 821 CPU results in unmatched score in tests. Performance is speedy, and no lag issues were found, switching between apps is also good. The device didn’t run out of frames even at high graphic gaming. Loading speeds are unmatchable when compared to iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Coming to Connectivity department, all the standards are up to date. There is Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, GPS, and NFC. USB 3.0 speed is also supported through the Type-C connection. ‘Android Sensor Hub’ a smaller dedicated processor comes packed with the phone continuously monitors for input which includes voice commands, even when the Snapdragon 821 is in standby.


Keeping the fact that Google is the owner of the Android, Pixel XL could be the best representation of the company’s vision for Android. Google Pixel XL comes with the latest Android 7.1 along with many new features. Replacing the Nexus line, Pixel XL phone gets you wholesome Android software in a “Pixelized” version. Customized launcher and numerous tweaks are observed as a part of changes what Google has done. However, it is unclear at this moment if other manufacturers will be allowed to adopt these features or not.

Many changes have been observed starting with the home screen, and a small tab occurs on the upper left on the home screen which opens a Google search bar along with your recent searches. ‘Google Now’ shows the news updates, weather and other bits of information with just a swipe.

Long press on app icons enable prompts a 3D touch, but it is unknown about which apps support this. The renovated settings app lets you jump between sections with the new menu-driven system. A list of suggestions will be pinned at the top until you dismiss them manually. Apart from these, you’ll get a 24/ 7 support assistance for your convenience.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is one of the main arguable reasons behind the existence of Pixel phones. Undoubtedly, Google is making a significant push embed this personalized assistant in every part of our life.

This new feature may not vary much when compared to the voice search feature on the modern Android phones. Google Assistant is contextually more aware and is similar to “Okay Google” command but now is aware of the app you’re currently using and draws information from there.

Your assistant can launch apps, send messages, control phone functions, and translate phrases. Two-way conversation resembles the way how Siri works. The assistant helps to provide more relevant local information such as flight prices, restaurants.


Camera performance is another element where Google banks on. The company realized the fact that Camera is one of the main things which distinguish the Pixel XL from the rest premium flagship offerings. Pixel Xl camera experience will surely be your next love from the very next moment once you open the camera.

New camera options like photosphere mode, burst mode, and slow motion even if it looks like a stock version Android. You’ll find the lens blur mode interesting, and you should move your phone slightly to take another shot with the same lens at a slight offset.

The 12.3 megapixel back snapper click the most detailed shots which no other present day smartphone can. There is a need to specially mention about the autofocus which is at a fast speed even in poor light condition. Pixel does live up to the quality of photo which meets the level of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Low-light performance is also impressive as most scenes are bright even in moderate light.

Discussing the front camera, the 8 MP camera beats the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 with its brilliant performance. It will surely enhance your selfie experience and serve you purpose more efficiently.

4K video recording is enabled at 30fps, 1080p resolution video at 120fps, or 720p resolution at 240fps. Videos are clear and sharp with smooth motion at different resolutions and frame rates. The only problem with the 4K video resolution is the amount of space it consumes. However, Google enabled unlimited cloud storage so that you ca store videos and photos in their original size without any generation loss.


Battery life of pixel XL fantastic as the device sports a massive 3450mAh battery with quick charging support. Google ships a hefty 18W charger in the box. The battery sustained about 14 hours, 6 minutes video loop. In spite of heavy gaming, music streaming, recording 4K videos the battery makes more than a day with a bit remaining. The quick charge support charges the battery from zero to full in just a couple of hours which is still far better than iPhone 7.


  • Google Branding
  • Google Assistant
  • Brilliant software
  • Excellent Camera
  • Great Battery


  • Expensive price
  • Design


Google Pixel XL could be a perfect replacement for the brand Nexus. The top-notch Android smartphone offering from the Google itself will surely be a rivalry for iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Google decision of getting into smartphone hardware is acceptable but would be more purposeful.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be getting all the updates first in town. But the question is, do we really need to pay such just for brand Google? Features like Google Assistant and such will inevitably push the limitation of Android phone.

Google Pixel XL is surely a premium smartphone with outstanding feature and is the best buy if you are looking for an alternative to iPhone.


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