Motorola has redefined flagship models with the launch of Modular phones concept in the latest Moto Z series. The series itself designed to work with the variety of Moto Mods accessories primarily. The new ‘Build your smartphone’ concept mainly focuses on swapping the mods as per needs. Starting with four mod options- the Hasselblad True Zoom camera, JBL Soundboost speaker, Moto Instashare projector and the Incipio Offgrid, Motorola hints more mods are on the way.

These Mods gets quickly attach to the magnets provided at the back of Moto Z series phones. The rear magnets hold them in perfect placement without turning off your phone. Moto Mods gets detected making use of simple software and automatically puts into use without user intervention. A short animation and a popup on the screen to let you know the mod is attached.

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The idea behind the design of the phones is that you would keep one of these mods attached to for a longer duration or even permanently at times. However, it might not be possible in real time considering the weights of the mods and the fact that Moto Z slim design is a new style statement. Here we provide you the Hasselblad True Zoom mod review which satisfies your zeal of availing a premium camera experience in a smartphone.

Hasselblad True Zoom:

The most impressive of all the mods works on improving lenses and sensors featured in the smartphones. This modular solution to Moto Z phones from the manufacturer let you capture great photos.

The brand Hasselblad itself reminds you of professional gear which costs many lakhs. As so, expectations for the true Zoom mod are much high. The brand Hasselblad alone suggests the biggest claim of the 10x optical zoom lens which physically sticks to the back of the phone juts like a compact camera lens.

Being thickest of three mods, Hasselblad True Zoom mod makes the Moto Z a bit difficult to hold on to it. The grip on the device is an issue, and you need to stretch across the screen with a thumb. A kind of strap like thing may help the device with mod would be handy.

Concerning the build quality, plastic build Hasselblad True Zoom mod is quite disappointing a bit. In spite of being such an esteemed brand, Hasselblad compromised with the built quality. Even the shutter button and zoom ring around it were found not up to the mark.

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The Hasselblad True Zoom mod covers the handset camera which results in losing its functionality completely. True Zoom mod is the only mod without a presence of a battery of its own. If you happen to pop it off when in use, there is no alternative to retract the lens and cover it up.

Hasselblad True Zoom mod just takes over from the Moto Z’s rear camera and doesn’t need any of its apps for functionality. To launch into App, you can use the two-flick gesture that works with the phone or you can also use the dedicated button next to the shutter. The provided camera is set to capture 4:3 stills at 12 megapixels.

Coming to the video section, the mod produces video up to 1080p at 30fps which are comparatively lower than the default camera. While the default device camera tops up to 1080p at 60fps or 4K resolution at 30fps. Slow-mo videos are also enabled with the new options which include RAW mode, B&W mode, and scenes such as night portrait, night landscape, and sports. Manual mode is still available.

On sensor department, you get a 2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor with 1.55µm pixels. Aperture range of Hasselblad True Zoom mod is f/3.5 to f/6.5, and the focal length is 4.5-45mm (25-250mm 35mm equivalent). The mods provide you a Xenon flash with red-eye reduction and optical image stabilization for stills and electronic stabilization for video.

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Image processing, GPS, and Storage depends on up on the device you employ this mod with. However, you don’t find any difficulty with the future models too. Performance in real time is a mixed bag, and Optical zoom is a beautiful and transformative thing to include.

Altogether, It is a great smartphone camera, and the comparison could be found with the mod on and off camera. The difference in daylight is observed as details were sharper, colors popped more. There is a scope for great possibilities in composition.

Few texture compression issues were noticed on the Moto Z went away entirely. Videos captured with the mod are sharp and smooth but not better than the one taken with the phone itself. Hasselblad True Zoom mod failed at low light and photos were taken without the mod were found more vibrant.


• 10x optical zoom
• Improves daylight performance


• High pricing
• Finds no use without a Moto Z phones
• Bad at gripping
• Poor low light results


Collectively, Hasselblad True Zoom mod hardly justifies the price of Rs.20,000. it is an expensive figure just for an external mod which enhances a smartphone camera. This might not hold true in the case of Moto Z play where you observe a great increase in the quality of output what you get with the Hasselblad True Zoom mod on.


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