Nepali Tarkariwali is Trending on Social Media now

After Pakistani Chai Wala Arshad Khan and Singapore Airport Officer Lee Minwei, Nepali Tarkariwali has become a sensation on social media right now. Netizens and Social Media users have gone crazy and searching for Nepali Vegetable Seller after saw her beautiful photos. She was damn cute. Already boys across the globe may fall in love with her after watching her pics, and we expect this Nepali Tarkariwali had already stolen the boy’s hearts with her good looks and mesmerizing smile.

Just a few weeks ago, a blue-eyed good looking Chai Wala from Islamabad took the millions of hearts after his picture went viral on social media. Later Airport Security Officer from Singapore, Lee Minwei also joined in the list and spell-bound lakhs of girls. Now twitters heart beats fast for a cute looking Nepali Tarkariwali, a nice vegetable seller from Nepal.

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#Nepali Tarkariwali is trending now on Twitter and also in many social networking sites. These cute Nepali Vegetable Seller pics had gone viral and making sleepless nights for boys. Just like Arshad Khan, a Pakistani Chai Wala, someone noticed this Tarkariwali and posted her picture on social media. The beautiful photos of Nepali Vegetable Seller carrying vegetables on her shoulder had captured at Fishling Suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan in Nepal.

Everyone is praising the Nepali vegetable seller who is currently trending on social media as #Tarkariwali for her hard work and her choice of profession. However, let’s wait and see what opportunities this cute looking Nepali girl will bag through this internet fame. A few days ago, Social Media sensation Arshad Khan, a tea seller from Islamabad had bagged the modeling contract and also appeared on a TV show after his internet fame. We hope this Nepali Tarkariwali will have a bright future.

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