Andhra Pradesh Government is going to conduct a significant event in Visakhapatnam named as Beach Love Festival (BLF) in February 2017. On behalf of Valentine ’s Day, AP Government has planned a new festival titled as Vizag Beach Love Festival to enthrall people in the city. Positive Global Services and Consultancy of Mumbai are the organizers of this Vizag beach festival.

According to the latest reports, representatives of PGS and Consultancy of Mumbai had already visited few famous places around Visakhapatnam. The reps visited beaches such as Erramatti Dibbalu, Sagarnagar, and Thotlakonda. The purpose of the visit to select the 10-acre site to organize the mega beach event in Vizag. Already Invitations have been sent to youth organizers and event managers of many overseas countries.

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According to the latest reports, organizers of Vizag Beach Love Festival event are welcoming 9,000 couples across the globe. The event consists of many cultural activities like food festivals, beauty contests, Dance programs, cultural events by Hollywood and Bollywood stars.

The much-anticipated Vizag Beach Festival will be organized by Department of Youth Affairs, Tourism Department, and Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority. AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu and many political biggies will grace the event to make the bash a grand success.

Of course, many women organizations and student activists opposed this event and said that these developments would spoil the culture and tradition of our country. This big event will held from February 12-14, 2017 on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Politicians and organizers of Vizag beach festival are saying that Vizag name will go worldwide after this event. The face of the Visakhapatnam city will undergo a radical change. Earlier, this type of event was held in Goa. And now Vizag is going to be the venue for the same.

POW president Lakshmi said that “These festivals will lead to deterioration of the society and this is not a fair thing from Government to encourage the western culture events. However, AP Government has already begun the cheap publicity stunts held in the name of culture, tradition, and tourism development.”

She also said that they would oppose the western ways of displaying love. She also assumed that Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao is trying to spoil our Indian culture. And tradition by promoting alcohol, fashion shows, and nude dances in public.

Lets’ wait and see how Government will face the criticism on Vizag Beach Love Festival.


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