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PM Modi at Patna University announced Rs 10,000 cr grant for 20 Universities to make them world-class

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced Govt’s Plan to make India’s top 10 public and private universities WORLD CLASS. While addressing the Students at the centenary celebrations of Patna University in Bihar, PM Said that “Only a country which gives importance to innovation would succeed. But innovation does not mean modification. Remember that IT revolution has helped India’ change the perspective towards it. Before IT revolution, India was always considered a country of snake charmers and black magic.

Modi has asked all the Indian Universities to compete in transforming their university into a world class one.The winners would receive a whopping amount of Rs 10,000 crore as a grant from the Government. The selection and evaluation of the universities will be carried through a third party.

7 Best Things That Narendra Modi Government Has Done So Far

During the meeting, PM Modi has praised Nitish Kumar saying that” The commitment of Shri Nitish Kumar towards the progress of Bihar is commendable. We in the Centre attach topmost importance to the development of eastern India,”

After eight long years, Bihar Cheif Minister Nitish Kumar and PM Modi have shared the stage at Patna University. It is known that recently Nitish Kumar’s JDU has returned to NDA after clashes with RJD and Congress.

Nitish Kumar started his speech by inviting Prime Minister to Bihar. He requested Modi to connect road between Buxar and Banaras as the number of pilgrims to Banaras are pretty high.

Modi visited Mokama town in Patna to inaugurate several developmental projects. Minister of Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari has accompanied PM to the inauguration. Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi are also among the attendees.

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7 Best Things That Narendra Modi Government Has Done So Far

Narendra Modi stormed into power in 2014, by winning Lok Sabha election with a massive mandate. It has been three years that Narendra Modi government came into power. Since then, Modi has launched various initiatives. While some of them were affirmative, others led to criticism. As masters of government, it helps us to take stock once in a while to see, if our elected representatives are on the job.

Here are the best things that Modi government has done to India so far







The Prestigious “Make in India” was launched by Narendra Modi on 25th September 2014, at Vigyan Bhavan. The major objective behind this initiation is to attract capital by improving technology investment. Modi’s notion towards ‘make in India‘ led to the establishment of various industries, which in turn generated many jobs. since made in India has gone international, many industries around the globe are also recognizing it.


“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” was launched by Modi on 2nd October 2014. Its main objective is to eliminate open defecation, by constructing community toilets and to keep India clean. Modi nominated notable personalities from film Industries, Sports, Media, Business and other celebrities, to promote this scheme. As compared to last year, Swachh Bharat scheme had received a positive outcome. You can now observe major parts of cities clean and also toilets built everywhere.


The tourism department has got the major push from Modi’s government. Their strategy is to make India, a tourist destination. Major changes were brought in Visa system. Indians now got the facility of visa-on-arrival in major leading nations. It is also found that foreigners visiting India have been increased after this push to tourism.


Narendra Modi launched Jan Dhan Yojana on 15 August 2014.The main objective of Jan Dhan Yojana is to provide financial services like pension, insurance, and credits. According to Modi government, it is mandatory to have at least one bank account per household.
As of now, around 30 crore families have been linked to it and around Rs, 65,00 crore has been deposited. The major benefit is gained by RuPay debit holders. As the Accident insurance covers up to Rs 1lakhs for RuPay debit holders.


Infrastructure is said to be the priority of Modi government. Their main objective is to make India, an exporter’s arm. As of now, you can observe the work of diamond quadrilateral rail corridor and other high speeds train going on. The Government had also started their involvement in the defense department. Modi’s 100 smart cities project can also be included in this infrastructural progress.


Modi’s government implemented the foreign policy to improve relations with neighboring countries. Modi’s aim behind implementing this policy is to invite more investments in our country. He established various US leaders and explained them the potential of making investments in India. His main goal is to let others know that, the Indian market is also competitive and secure.


Modi has introduced several economic policies that aim at the betterment of India. His intention is to transform India and make it economically strong country. The major steps include privatization of public companies and increasing FDI limits for Defence, Insurance, and Railways. The government has agreed for 52% equity from Banks, by raising funds. Many Real estate trusts were approved and several tax benefits were also offered.

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Narendra Modi Independence Day Speech 2017 Highlights: Calls for Building New India

Narendra Modi Independence Day Speech 2017: Prime Minister of India addressed the nation on the occasion of Independence Day. Our current Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi gave a speech about all the developments that took place in these days. He asks every Indian to build a safe, clean and healthy India. He wishes for an India where the dreams of youth come true, women empowerment is encouraged and no terrorism.

He delivered the speech after hoisting the National flag and singing the national Anthem which is a proud moment to every Indian. With a slogan “Bharat Jodo” he said that all the Indians have to come together to attain a casteless, religion free, nepotism free and corruption less India.

The 66-year-old prime minister reminded all the programs that took place in the recent times. As he spoke about Swach Bharat Abhiyan last year, he tends to speak about demonetization, corruption eradication, GST and triple Talaq.

Modi talked about creating a new India where everybody is equal, where there should be no matter of religion and power, where the change takes place, where the income of farmer is doubled, and happiness is viewed in his home. He aims for the development by 2022, and that can be achieved only by the support of citizens of India. Modi continued to speak about anti- terrorism, to encourage non-violence. He asked to accept each other and don’t support “Goli Aur Gali” (bullet or profanity).

Reminding about the demonetization, he confirmed that a lot of black money was extracted. India is going to see a corruption less country soon. He said “Our fight against black money and corruption will continue. We have to use technology for good and transparent governance. Those who have looted the nation and looted the poor are not able to sleep peacefully. There is an environment today where there is a festival of honesty, which gives support. In such a short time, the government has managed to get more than Rs.800 crore illegal money.”

Modi explained about the introduction of Good and Service Tax, GST and confirmed that the release of concept would bring the development in the country. He said that government is giving a lot of support for the competitive federalism as well. Modi informed that government is working on projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, smart cities construction and building up entrepreneurship.

“There was an environment that the Centre was the big brother and states the younger brothers. I have been the CM and am aware of the importance of taking states along. We have focussed on cooperative federalism and now competitive cooperative federalism,” he said.

He mentioned that special attention is going to be given to north eastern cities for development purpose. He spoke about the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue, thanked and appreciated the people working on the campaign.

The 71st Independence Day celebrations were carried out peacefully along with a lot of enjoyment to the public.

Is Rajinikanth going to be the next President of India?

Since the past few days, a buzz has been making noise in Delhi and Tamil Nadu politics, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planning to make Super Star Rajinikanth as the next President of India. Though, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is maintaining silence over the issue; it seems, Modi is cent percent confident to make Rajini as the President of India.

It is a well-known fact that recently, Supreme Court has cut off the names of senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Union Minister Uma Bharati, because allegedly they were involved in Babri Masjid demolition case. So, BJP ruled out these names from the list of leaders, who can become the next President of India.

There are rumors that Narendra Modi likely considers Draupadi Murmu, who is the current governor of Jharkhand state for this post, but only Rajinikanth’s only on headlines since the past few days.

Kamal Haasan to make Political Entry Soon!

It is all because of Rajinikanth’s super popularity and we are all well aware of the fact that he is the only one actor in Indian Cinema who has a huge fan base and people go crazy even just hearing his name. He treated like a God in Tamil Nadu. So, BJP might plan to introduce him into politics from their side, as no one from opposition parties will have guts to say No.

If they say so, none of his fans vote for them. It looks like Modi has sketched for a bigger plan than never before. If the news is true, then it will create a huge impact than demonetization in the country. Also it can be said that to lessen the negativity from the south parts of India, BJP is bringing Rajinikanth into the Presidential race.

On the other hand, Rajinikanth is currently busy with the shooting of his next 2.0 under the direction of Shankar. Akshay Kumar will be seen playing a lead in this project. And also, he has plans to launch another film with Kabaali fame Ranjith in May. Let’s see what is going to happen. Stay Tuned to this space, we will be updating the latest news on Rajinikanth to be next president of India.

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Cabinet Gives a Nod to set up Indian Institute of Petroleum in Vizaq

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet approved to set up the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy(IIPE) at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh which costs approximately Rs. 6.55 crores. It accepted this because of the commitment it made when Telangana separated from AP.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is the head of the Cabinet. He approved setting up IIPE as ‘an Institute of National Importance’ under the Act of Parliament. An official stated that the institute would have the governance structure and a legal mandate for granting degrees in a similar manner like IIT’s.

Another act will provide the required status of the institute to become a Centre of Excellence in the petroleum and energy degrees. Cabinet approved an enormous amount of Rs. 655.46 crores to set up IPE as capital expenditure. It also provided the Endowment Fund Rs. 200 crores.

The money is in addition to the Rs 200 crores, the fund received from oil companies. During the state bifurcation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, this commitment made is to set up a Petroleum University.

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Andhra Pradesh allocated a vast area of 200 acres of land for free of cost to set up IIPE at Sabbavaram Mandal, Visakhapatnam. A temporary campus of IIPE got set for the academic year of 2016-2017 at Andhra University. Two undergraduate programs in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering started with the intake of 50 students each.

IIT Kharagpur is mentoring the institute currently. The primary objective of this is to provide quality education to the students of Petroleum as well as Chemical Engineering and do research activities for development of the sector.

An official claimed that the academic and research activities of IIPE would strengthen the sector-related activities like KG-Basin.

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