Regardless of the economic challenges, low-income and other conditions, India has overcome the United States in creating interest in young teens with the coding skills. As from the reports from the Barclay, the bank has revealed that India produces 10X more school children with the coding knowledge and expertise when compared with the United States (U.S.).

The team from the ‘Barclays Digital Development Index’ made an effort to calculate the digital readiness of the ten major economies in the world by finding the strength of their workers in the terms of digital skills and digital empowerment.

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As from the report says that “India produces the most school pupils with coding skills – almost ten times as many as the US.” The ranking released by the Barclays Bank in the field of digital creation and coding, India is ahead of the countries like Germany and Brazil.

According to the Barclays Digital Development Index commissioned by Ashok Vaswani- The Indian-origin CEO of Barclays UK says “While the country lagged behind considerably on broadband access and policy, it made a substantial mark in fields such as “protecting data and devices’ and ‘communication and collaborating.”

From the overall report, out of 10 countries and the 10,000 workers surveyed, India was ranked the seventh position to combat the new age economy. Although we beat US, UK, Germany regarding digital coding and creation skills, we are very much little on broadband access and policy framework which can create a level playing field for all.

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Here is the combined ranking from Barclays Digital Development Index:

  • Estonia
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • China
  • US
  • India
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • South Africa

Check out some interesting facts from the reports

  • 37% of the workers in India feel comfortable in creating the websites when compared to the UK it is just 16%.
  • 32% of the Indian workers used the tools for auto-generate passwords for secure logins and compared with the UK it is only 13%.
  • The two countries Estonia and South Korea are the world’s leading countries in providing the training vocationally to their citizens for enhancing the digital empowerment.