Google had again shown its love for start-ups with its latest acquisition of a France-based company named Moodstocks. The French company is well known for its fast image recognition technology using a smartphone also had confirmed the same. The recent procurement gives an idea of Google’s keen interest in the field of computer vision and the tech giant’s willingness to extend its presence in this area.

Moodstocks was started in the year 2008 and is working on developing and improving the image recognition technology on mobile devices. The Paris-based firm said that its aim is to make the camera of the smartphone into a “smart sensor” which would provide information about the world around it by just acknowledging the things in front of it.

The Firm has developed a technology by using smart sensors and cameras, which enables the Smartphone’s camera to identify 3D objects with no delay. An API is developed by using this technology and with the help of the app the smartphone camera automatically detects and provides the description of the things or objects when placed in front of the camera.

The technology is made by using deep learning algorithms, and it runs entirely on the user’s device. Using the app users can identify clothes, appliances, furniture what not everything before actually buying the product.

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This acquisition extended this year’s long list of Google’s acquisitions. The same can be seen in another way that Google doesn’t want other competitors in this field so they are purchasing other start-ups in this area.

Moodstocks wrote on its website that “Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve reached an agreement to join forces with Google to deploy our work at scale. We expect the acquisition to be completed in the next few weeks. Our focus will be to build great image recognition tools within Google, but rest assured that current paying Moodstocks customers will be able to use it until the end of their subscription.”

Vincent Simonet, head of the R&D team, France Google said that “We continue to pursue our machine learning and research efforts, and Moodstocks is the latest proof of our commitment to this area.”

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No details of the deals were disclosed, and no information about the price of the deal is known. It is reportedly known that Google is moving its engineers and researchers to France for boosting up the existing talent in Moodstocks.

Google also had acquired another firm called the FlexyCore which is also meant for improving the smartphone performance.

Other leading tech companies are following the same policy by buying the upcoming technology startups. E-commerce firm Amazon had acquired a startup named Orbeus, which develops photo recognition technology, with its service tapping AI and neural networks.


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