Google Impact award 2016

The 14-year-old student named Advay Ramesh from the city Chennai has won the prominent award from Google Community Impact Award from Asia for creating the device which enhances the fishermen’s safety and productivity.

Google India announced that, Advay Ramesh, who is the student of class 10 from Chennai’s National Public School and is among the 20 finalists who are shortlisted to compete for the scholarship of $50,000 from Google.

Advay Ramesh stated that “Winning the Google Community Impact Award means a lot to me, it would help me learn more and develop my idea further.”
The award from Google is honoured for the project which makes the practical difference in the innovator’s community and addressing the environmental, health or other resources challenge.

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The project Advay worked on ‘FishErmen Lifeline Terminal-(FELT)’ to enhance the safety measures for the fishermen using the GPS (Global Positioning System). Earlier during this project, he won the funding of $10,000 a year long ago and mentorship from the Scientific American to further help in developing his winning project.

Google Spokesperson said that “Young minds are inventive, thoughtful, and determined to try things that other people think are “impossible.” And it’s imperious for us to give the support and the encouragement to these young people for exploring and challenging the world around them through the scientific discovery.Google Impact award 2016

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From this Google Science Fair, they want to encourage and support the coming up generation of scientists and the engineers, said by the Google spokesperson.

Google has selected top 100 ideas from thousands of submitted projects. From these selected projects, 14 projects are from the Indian Students. The top 16 finalists across the globe will join Google in Mountain View on September 27 for their Sixth Annual Awards celebration.


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