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Superstar Rajini’s “KABALI” fever all around the world is going to hit the Screen like a Storm. Facts of “KABALI” that shakes the Whole World mesmerising

I am hearing a name from the whole world since a week ago that’s spreading like a virus in Human minds. It is nothing like never ruling the entire Entertainment World. The name adds fame which is going to set release tomorrow. That is Superstar Rajini’s “KABALI” “KABALI” “KABALI”.

Have you ever heard a movie like “KABALI” creating some typical environment in Tamil Nadu (Chennai) and Karnataka (Bengaluru) and Name on silver coins, Name on SIM cards, Name poster on Vehicles of all means (Roadways) and also “KABALI” poster image on an Aeroplane?

The facts what I am going to share is mesmerising me. Here we go with the Facts of “KABALI.”

  • Corporate companies declared Holiday on “KABALI” release
  • A flight with poster picture of “KABALI” is set in an Aerodrome
  • Superstar Rajini’s face printed on Silver coins

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What makes “KABALI” that much special?

It’s the Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie that makes “KABALI” viral all around the Universe. The Rajini’s mania “KABALI” was set to release by Tomorrow i.e. 22 July 2016.

Probably the movie is a contemporary version of “Basha” released 20 years ago. Here in “KABALI”, Superstar plays Gangster role, and Radhika Apte plays his wife. KABALI made with INR 100 crore budget and is expecting INR 200 collection in first three days.

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Indian cinema experts say if the “KABALI” rocks the theatres successfully, a vast collection of INR 700 crore will be collected. Duration of the movie is 2 hours 30 minutes 18 seconds.  Four songs, Four fight scenes that mesmerise the screen.

Most of the movie directed in Malaysia and famous Taiwanese actor Winston Chao plays antagonist role in the film. The movie “KABALI” is going to hit worldwide in 10, 000 screens. For the first time in Tamil industry, the film was dubbed in Chinese, Malay, Thai, and Japanese languages.

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KABALI trailer had top views and got top trending on YouTube with 2.6 crore views. Tickets got sold for consecutive one week. In Chennai, Satyam and Mayajaal theatres, totally around more than 100 shows are set to be screened.

Air Asia flights running services from Bengaluru to Chenni for KABALI fans. Sectors like Airlines, Mobile Networks, Multiplex groups, online commerce, and gold finance groups were tied up with KABALI.

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